Reason 2: Programs and Curricula



Learning That Fits Your Future.

Utica College prepares you to meet every challenge with a comprehensive program that includes:

  • 16 of the top 22 most desired majors
  • foundational development of five major intellectual skills
  • integrated learning in liberal arts and professional studies

Majors and minors

Nursing at Utica CollegeWe offer 36 majors, including bachelor’s-level training in some of America’s fastest-growing fields, and 29 academic minors that enrich your experience and expand your professional capabilities.

Not committed to a particular major? Not a problem. With our broad selection of programs and courses, Utica College gives you a wealth of opportunities to explore new knowledge and discover new interests and talents you never knew you had. There’s no limit to where you can go.

Skills for lifelong success

Whatever program you choose at Utica College, you will benefit from foundational learning in five key skill areas – essential intellectual capabilities that will enable you to learn, grow, and achieve lifelong success.
  • Communication
    The ability to communicate information and attitudes clearly and precisely.
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning
    The ability to seek out relevant evidence, evaluate it, and draw justified conclusions.
  • Synthesis
    The ability to draw fruitful connections between topics and ideas and to create new understanding.
  • Social Awareness
    An understanding of the nature and origins of the social world and an ability to operate within it.
  • Sociology and Anthropology at Utica CollegeQuantitative Literacy
    The ability to interpret quantitative information and to present information in quantitative forms.

Best of both worlds

Academic programs at UC integrate professional learning with liberal studies, so that you gain a deeper, richer understanding of the world you will engage with as a professional and a member of your community.



Learn more

Visit our academic programs page.



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