From Urban Uprising to a 21st Century Policing Model

Walsh and Hyman headshots combined

As the movement following the death of George Floyd has effectively heightened the consciousness of many, this discussion explores how to raise that awareness to the level of concrete action, Utica College has continued ongoing campus conversations on how to create a better, more equitable, society.

In "We the People: From Urban Uprising to a 21st Century Policing Model," Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Alane Varga moderates a discussion with Professor Bernard Hyman and Professor Gregory Walsh focusing on legislation and re-imagining the role and purpose of policing in the United States.

The discussion was sponsored by The oFfice for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the School of Business and Justice Studies.

A prosecutor for more than 18 years, Bernard L. Hyman, J.D., C.F.E. ‘94 is Professor of Practice in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigations. As Bureau Chief of the Economic Crime Unit, he has supervised numerous investigations working with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and has served on several leadership groups aimed at fostering better relations between law enforcement and the community they are sworn to serve.

Working for more than 25 years with the New York State Police, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Gregory Walsh has a research focus in the areas of U.S. Policing, anti-terrorism initiatives, and emergency management. He retired as Captain in the Bureau of Criminal Investigations, where he managed and coordinated the major criminal investigations for the state police in a seven-county area. He served as Chairperson of a counter-terrorism law enforcement conglomerate and as a member of the U.S. Attorney’s Anti-Terrorism Task Force and Anti-Terrorism Advisory Counsel. He has co-authored a book on police management, and authored a book chapter in Change and Reform in Law Enforcement: Old and New Efforts from Across the Globe.

Conducted virtually via WebEx, the complete discussion can be viewed at the video below:

We the People: From Urban Uprising to a 21st Century Policing Model from Utica College on Vimeo.

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