Thurston Hall Receives Two Grants

Thurston Hall Dedication 09-28-19 0007

Utica College has been awarded a combined $325,000 in grants for the new construction management building, Thurston Hall.

The Fred L. Emerson Foundation awarded UC with $200,000 in December 2018. Located in Auburn, New York, the Emerson Foundation is family-owned and provides support to core community organizations in Central New York.

A $125,000 grant from the George I. Alden Trust will help fund technology upgrades in Thurston Hall, including new computers for 3-D rendering; flat-screen televisions, technology-enabled equipment for labs; and building-infrastructure technology.

The Trust has a long-standing relationship with the College. Since 1998, the Trust has awarded grants to UC for upgrades to its science facilities, including the Gordon Science Center microbiology laboratory and, most recently, a grant for nursing-simulation equipment in 2015.

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