Pop Quiz with Kelly Sangare ’20

Kelly Sangare 20 - International Studies

"People from different backgrounds can always come together and form a beautiful unity."

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Major: International Studies with a minor in government and politics with a concentration in contemporary history and international relations

Best experience at UC: Scoring an internship with the Washington Center program in Washington, D.C. 

Favorite class: Philosophy with Dr. Riddle has taught me so much about life and how people in society think.

Favorite professor: Dr. Daniel Tagliarina and Dr. Sherri Cash. Dr. Tags makes classes fun and enjoyable, and Dr. Cash accommodates everyone and makes sure people understand. Also both their personalities are just great.

Favorite campus events: Homecoming weekend and involvement fairs. We get to see so many people come together at once for different reasons.

Most valuable lesson you've learned at UC: People from different backgrounds can always come together and form a beautiful unity.

Favorite spot on campus: The library. It’s my safe study zone where I can focus, and there are so many resources. It has been my home for the last couple of years.

Imagine it’s 10 years from today. What will be your best memory of UC?: I will look back and think of all the wonderful connections I have made and all the opportunities this college has given me.

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