From Internship to Employment

Jared Platt 15

In his own words, Jared Platt '15 discusses his experiences at Utica College and how they prepared him for a career in finance.

The main reason I came to Utica College for the Economic Crime Investigation major was because I saw a rapidly developing field and I saw that Utica College was one of the very few colleges that offer a program in this field. I also saw the statistics about the employment  outlook, with double-digit job growth. You can work in the private sector, the public sector, or the military. So I thought UC would be a great place to get started.
My experience with the program was very personal. The classes are very small at UC, so I knew everybody in my classes. You can have a good rapport with your fellow students, and with the professors as well. I could always go into a professor’s office, whether or not I had a class that semester with him or her, and just have a conversation. That’s the kind of information you don’t get from a textbook.
One good thing about UC is the experiences you can get outside of the classroom. I’ve actually been able to work on some local economic crime cases with the Oneida County District Attorney’s office. That led to my work with Bank of New York Melon. And now, through networking with alumni, I’ve been able to secure an internship with Santander Bank. I’ll be working with the financial intelligence unit.
What these employers are looking for is this degree. Everything they ask you about is material you’ve learned in your classes. That’s because our professors have actually worked in the private sector. You’re at an advantage before you even walk through the door.

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