The Hutts: UC's Newest Student Housing Option

April 1 Hutts on Quad

A unique new student housing option is coming to Utica College in fall 2019.


Named after former UC president and lifelong outdoorsman Dr. Todd S. Hutton, The Hutts are the newest on-campus housing option for UC's growing residential student population. 

The primitive log cabins, located on the academic quad, feature 200 square feet of livable space, unfinished plywood construction, and a single window in each unit for ventilation. Unlike the Pioneer Village community, which opened in fall 2018, The Hutts don't offer Wifi, indoor plumbing, insulation, or other amenities, like electricity. 

"With all the luxuries available in the Pioneer Village, we wanted to provide students with a different type of residential experience," says April Phoolz, Executive Resident Director of The Hutts, who insists that the utilitarian units will appeal to a "niche group" of Pioneers. "Some of our students don't want fancy stuff, like power or running water."

Students who choose to live in The Hutts will be required to purchase water-resistant sleeping bags, as the units are too small for traditional beds or cots. Rain ponchos, battery-powered lanterns, and standard mess kits will be provided by SLCE, but residents will be responsible for their own convenience items, such as toilet paper. For the spring and summer months, Phoolz recommends "plenty of bug spray and a few of those sticky fly strip things." 

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