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Keshia Clukey 08

In her own words, Politico reporter Keshia Clukey '08 discusses her experiences at Utica College and how they prepared her for a rising career in journalism.


When I entered the newspaper industry it was at the height of the transition to digital. Luckily, my class was one of the first to use the Simon Convergence Media Center at Utica College.

My writing and photography classes prepared me to be a reporter and writer, but it was the digital journalism classes through the center that really gave me a leg up. There was one project in particular where we could choose any new medium to tell a story. I chose video and created a package about how to make Chicken Riggies, which complimented my article about how they originated in Utica. To date, the video has gotten over 12,000 views—not too bad for my first try.

The editing and shooting skills I learned during that semester helped me not only get my first newspaper job, but quickly shine. While some of my reporting counterparts shied away from the new technological direction the industry has taken, my experiences at Utica College have helped me embrace it. When I’m out on an assignment I don’t think twice about shooting a quick video, photo or sound bite to help better relay the story to our readers.

Little did I know that the advice I was given during my reporting class at Utica College would come in handy as I covered the biggest news story of my career. The lesson: be prepared for anything and use a pencil in the rain. They sound like simple words to live by, but while reporting on the Dannemora prison break for the Albany Times Union in 2015, the reporting and writing skills I learned at UC would not only carry me through, but also helped me stand out as one of the lead reporters on the story (and helped me take notes in a downpour).

I still continue to grow and learn on the job, but the confidence and knowledge base I learned at UC are priceless."

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