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What to Expect in an Online Business Program

What to Expect in an Online Business Program


Get a behind-the-scenes look at what to expect in an online business program.

Thanks in part to the evolving capabilities of the online classroom environment, acquiring a comprehensive business education has become more accessible than ever. Online business programs offer a rich assortment of knowledge, skills, and networking prospects paired with the flexibility of the virtual classroom. 

If you’re eager to enhance your professional possibilities but you’re unsure of what to expect in an online business program, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading as we outline some of the key components involved in earning an online business degree.  

Flexible learning environment 

The best online business programs epitomize accessibility. They honor the fact that learners come from diverse backgrounds and have varying schedules, which is why most programs allow students to study at their own pace, fitting their coursework around their commitments. You’ll have the opportunity to tackle the same robust curriculum as an on-campus business student, but in a flexible setting at a pace that suits your life.  

Many online business students at Utica University study in coffee shops, libraries, shared workspaces, or at home — outside of their 9-to-5s and according to their own schedule. Whether you’re raising a family, focusing on your work, playing an active role in your community, or all the above, online learning enables you to advance your career without disrupting your life.  

Much of this is achieved through the use of web-based Learning Management Systems (LMS), which are self-contained learning environments that include all the tools you’ll need to access course information, communicate with professors and classmates, and complete or submit assignments. While different schools use different LMS platforms, most offer 24/7 assistance hotlines in case you run into any technological challenges.  

Active participation 

While your online business instructors will help facilitate discussions and lead the class through course materials, you will be responsible for driving your own learning experience. You’ll be expected to interact regularly with your professors and classmates, and you will be accountable for budgeting your time wisely. 

Even though an online business program gives you the flexibility to schedule your coursework whenever it’s convenient for you, it does not free you from the obligation of completing the assigned material on time. This will require you to maintain a detailed schedule to keep track of various due dates.  

When studying business online, this is about more than simply meeting a deadline — your course material will most likely include a host of different complex theories and lessons that often build upon one another. Falling behind one week could cause you to struggle with the material that will be covered the following week. If you spend too much time playing catch-up, you won’t have the opportunity to absorb the knowledge and skills that will one day contribute to your success as a business professional.  

A typical online class at Utica University, for instance, will require you to spend approximately 10 to 15 hours each week on coursework. Regardless of how you budget your time, it’s strongly suggested that you log onto the course site daily to stay up to date with the material and participate actively in discussions throughout the week.  

Dynamic curriculum 

Most online business programs provide a comprehensive curriculum that covers various facets of business. From foundational courses in economics, finance, marketing, and management to specialized topics like data analytics, entrepreneurship, or supply chain management, you can expect to gain a functional understanding of critical business principles — something that remains true whether you opt to learn on campus or online.  

By enlisting highly skilled business instructors to facilitate coursework, online business programs are able to provide professionals like you with the same robust curricular experience as on-campus learners. The award-winning online business faculty at Utica University, for example, have years of hands-on experience in a variety of industries, infusing their expertise directly into the online classroom.  

And even when you’re learning from a distance, a high-quality online business program will still be able to provide you with opportunities for interactive learning with engaging lectures, collaborative assignments, group discussions, and real-world case studies. Many programs have evolved to leverage multimedia resources that create an immersive learning experience, such as video lectures, simulations, and online forums. 

Some of the business programs at Utica University also present students with the opportunity to complete a hands-on practicum or capstone project, where they can apply what they learn to business challenges in real time. Examples of real-world projects Utica business students have worked on in the past include: 

  • Improving graduation rates in a low-income school district 
  • Changing/improving payroll processes for a large healthcare provider 
  • Streamlining permit processing for a government agency 
  • Developing an incentive-based compensation plan for a company 

Personalized support 

Online student support services play a crucial role in ensuring a successful educational experience in virtual learning environments. When pursuing an online business degree, you can expect to have access to plenty of resources, guidance, and assistance to support you throughout your academic journey.  

Navigating the virtual classroom can sometimes bring unexpected challenges. Online business students at just about any institution will have access to IT support if technical issues come up. From troubleshooting problems within the LMS to guiding students on how to use specific software or platforms required for coursework, these services aim to minimize the technological barriers that students might encounter during their studies.  

Students in quality online business programs can also expect to have access to a wealth of academic support resources, if needed. From virtual libraries to writing centers and tutoring services, these are support systems you can turn to if you find you’re struggling academically.  

At Utica University, for example, all online learners work with a Student Success Coach who supports them throughout their educational journey at the school. They help connect online students with tutoring services, career advising, and networking opportunities.  

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1, our online faculty members are also regularly available to provide additional guidance related to coursework. You can communicate with professors via email or during virtual office hours, and you can typically expect very timely responses from online instructors.  

Advance your career with an online business degree 

As you embark on a journey to expand your potential as a business professional, an online business program can provide you with a dynamic experience that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of education. By pursuing your degree in a virtual classroom environment, you’ll have the opportunity to gain the hard-hitting business skills you need without disrupting your life. 

One of the most important elements of success in earning your degree online is partnering with an institution that will provide you with a dynamic, immersive learning experience, prioritizing your growth as an individual and professional.  

Learn why students like you are drawn to Utica University’s online business programs in our article “Reasons Students Choose Utica University Online Business Programs.” 

Economic Crime, Justice Studies, and Cybersecurity Building

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