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How do I transition my ANGEL course to Engage?

It depends...

A key part of our Learning Management System (LMS) transition is to move course content out of ANGEL and into Engage.  As a companion to face-to-face instruction, ground courses have a lot of different types of content in the LMS.  In order to transition this content from ANGEL to Engage, we've created tips based on the type of content needing to be moved.

I need to move...
DropboxesDropboxes are called 'Assignments' in Engage.  You will need to add an assignment and set its access in Engage.
QuizzesQuizzes can be 'converted' by using a conversion tool that we will run for you.  Contact the CIL for an appointment. 
Files (Docs & PPTs)External files, such as Word documents and PowerPoints, can be easily added using Engage's drag-and-drop feature - if these files are on your computer.  

If the files exist only in your ANGEL course, they need to be downloaded first:

download file from ANGEL
Click on the image above to enlarge.
Web documents (ANGEL 'pages')Both ANGEL and Engage have "pages" which are web documents.  The most accurate method of bringing over this content in its exact form is to copy and paste the code.

Please see the graphic below for the updated Engage toolbar:
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