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Below you'll find some quick tips that will help you along the way.  Just click on the topic you're looking for.  
We will continue to add to these as questions come up.

Engage Tips

 How do I add cells to a table?
 What is the Syllabus Book, and how do I edit it?
 How do I set a discussion forum so that students must post first before seeing others' posts?
How do a set up grading for a discussion forum?
Can I drop the lowest grade?
 I am ready to copy and paste content from ANGEL.  What is the best way?
Can I add a curve or extra credit to the grade book?

  • You can go back in and hand modify any grade you wish (curve).  This is done as an "override" and is done from the Grader Report screen (although you can also just go back and change it in the assignment grading as well.
  • You can add an extra credit "assignment"
    • You can do this in a category if, for example, you want to give an extra five points to the quizzes category.  The thing to keep in mind here is that the weighting of that category is still in play.  So, if you give 5 points EC in the quizzes category, but the Quizzes category is only worth 20% of the overall grade, then your EC is only going to affect the final grade by 1 point.
    • You can also do this outside of the category, which means that the five points will apply directly to the final grade
    • Finally, you can have a category be extra credit.  These calculate above and beyond the grading structure in the course.  The one issue here is that students will not be allowed to earn over 100%.  So if a student is perfect all semester and EC is applied, that student will see no change in their grade.