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Other Engage Tips and Tricks

The following tips may help you with additional Engage needs.  Check back for additions, or let the CIL know if you need something that you don't see.  Click the links to the right for more information.

Screen Recording
Allow students to review but not make new posts: Make discussion forums 'Read Only'
Email notifications: Forum Subscription and Digests
Discussion Grading: Grading Forums

Crocadoc in-line grading: Enable Crocadoc
Dropboxes are now called Assignments: Create an Engage 'Assignment'
Multiple Submissions to an Assignment: Allow students to submit multiple submissions/files
Quiz Feedback:  Quiz review and feedback options
Quiz Question Bank: Set up and manage your Question Bank

Dropping grades: Drop the lowest grade
Export grades: Export grades

Group work
Creating Teams or Groups Create Groups and Groupings

Course Content
Backup Course Content Backing Up an Existing Course
Restoring that entire course  into a new term's course shell
Import Content Import Content Pieces into a New Empty Course Shell

(Printable Guide)

(This process can be used at the start of a semester when you are importing into an Empty shell)
Orphaned Activities Open Additional Modules

Master Courses
Import 'master' course into a teaching shell Importing Courses
'Master' Course Shells and Hiding Courses: Hide Master Courses from the 'My Courses' page in Engage


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