Course Syllabus

A Course Syllabus should be included in "Getting Started".  The Syllabus should reflect the correct dates and instructor information.  It should also include a statement as to the purpose of the course, the course level learning objectives, and grading policies.

First "Turn Editing On" and then use the "Add Activity/Resource" menu to select "File".  You can then browse out to your computer to upload your Syllabus (or any other file).
Upload Syllabus File

Note, you could also use the "Drag and Drop" function.  With "editing on", simply drag the file from your desktop to the desired section in your Engage course.  Hint: this is similar to the way you might "drag" a file into your recycling bin.

Now that you have added your Syllabus, you can easily add any other content files the same way!
Drag and Drop Syllabus File

Note, when you add the syllabus (or any new content item) it will be at the bottom of the list within the topic.  No problem - just use the "cross hairs" next to the item and drag it up or down anywhere in the course.  This might take just a bit of practice but you will get the hang of it. 

Hint: if you look closely, there will be a faded or shadow of the item indicating where it will stick when you let go.

Alternatively, if instead of holding the click down to drag an item, you simply click the cross hairs and let go, you will be provided a list of all of your course content and can then click the spot where you want it to land.  As your course fills with content, this list becomes long, but to each his own!
Moving Syllabus

The Engage Support tab includes a list of Faculty Resources including directions for uploading new documents. Or, click here for the direct link to "Adding a File as a Resource".

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