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Courses should be navigable for new students.  Organizing content into manageable "chunks", using clear labeling, and providing adequate instruction will help your students be successful each week.

By default, Engage, and the template, provide "Topics" for you to create "Modules" of content.

Course Template: Overview

Use "Getting Started" to include important tips and tricks.  This should be the first place your brand new students check, so it may be a good place for you to provide them a survival guide of sorts!  Remember, you probably already provide them ALL of the information they need in the Syllabus, but consider providing a quick reference guide for some important reminders. 

Hint:  If you find yourself answering the same questions for more than one student, or if more than one student seems to miss the same thing, then there is probably an opportunity for you to create a quick tip to remind them all!  This might be an announcement, a course email, an introductory video, or a label/document that says "BEGIN HERE!".
Template - Getting Started
For each Module you should:
  1. Edit the Topic to include the appropriate date range (orange bar), the topic title (blue bar below the orange bar), as well as a brief overview of the week's module.
  2. Edit the "Module Objectives" label to include 3-5 measurable and aligned objectives.
  3. Add/Organize the necessary "Learning Activities" such as readings, media, or other preparatory materials.
  4. Add/Organize the "Assignments due this week" such as discussion forums, quizzes, assignment drop boxes, or other assessments.

Notice that the template is designed to provide clear guidance and organization for students.  Hint:  For your own course, some customization may provide them even more help!

Template - Module Layout
If you are interested in designing a new course or re-designing an existing course, let us know so that we can schedule that project!

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