Course Purpose
Academics at Utica College
The purpose of your course is at the core of the teaching and learning experience.  You, as the instructor, have a command of this, but will want to be sure that the purpose of the course is as clearly shared with your students as possible.

Points to consider:
  • There are 5-8 course-level objectives listed on the syllabus.
  • Each learning module or topic begins with 3-5 module-level objectives.
  • All objectives are measurable.
  • Alignment is present from course objectives to module objectives as well as module objectives to assessments.
  • Instructions are given for each learning activity or assignment.

Please note: Utica College is currently undertaking an "Alignment" project.  You may be working with your Department Chair, Program Director, or Dean to create or identify the appropriate course level and module level learning objectives for your course(s), as well as which program level or institutional level objectives align with your course(s).  It is important that what is included in Engage accurately reflects those approved and aligned objectives.  Please check with your director/chair if you are unsure about this.  Please update your Syllabus and your Engage course shell(s) to accurately reflect the Program/Department/School approved objectives.

More information is available from the Provost's website.  Click here for more information.


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