CIL Tips for the Engage Gradebook

CIL Tips for the Engage Gradebook

Creating a Gradebook

Setting up a gradebook can be done in four easy steps:

  • Select “Weighted Mean of Grades” as the “aggregation method” at the course level.

  • Add each “Category”.

  • Set the “Weight” of each category.

  • Add each individual “Grade Item”.


To begin, go to the “Administration” block, and select “Gradebook setup”.

Administration > Gradebook setup

Step 1

At the top course level, go to “Edit”, “Edit settings”.

Edit Course Level Aggregation Method

Use the “Aggregation” dropdown menu to select “Weighted mean of grades”.  Save your changes.

Aggregation Method

Step 2

Create your categories by scrolling down and clicking the ‘Add category’ button.

  Add Category

Then, enter a “Category name” and select “Weighted mean of grades” for “Aggregation”.

Category Name

Repeat to add all of your categories.


Step 3

Weight each category. Also, make sure to scroll to the bottom left of the screen and save your changes.

Weight Categories

Step 4

Create your grade items. This may include manual grade items, such as participation, or in-class presentation. It may also include items that will be submitted through Engage, such as Assignments, Quizzes, or Forums.


Use ‘Add grade item’ for things like participation where you will be entering a grade manually and directly into the gradebook.

 Add Grade Item

For items submitted online, through Engage, you will connect them to the correct gradebook category from their “Grade” settings.

 Assignment Grade Category

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