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ACS E-Journal Collection
Alternate Title(s)
American Chemical Society E-Journal Collection  
The ACS E-Journal Collection provides full text access to 37 American Chemical Society journals from 1996-Present. Journal titles may be browsed or searched (collectively or individually).

The ACS E-Journal Collection includes the following journal titles:

  • Accounts of Chemical Research: 1996-Present
  • ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces: 2009-Present
  • ACS Chemical Biology: 2006-Present
  • ACS Nano: 2007-Present
  • Analytical Chemistry: 1996-Present
  • Biochemistry: 1996-Present
  • Bioconjugate Chemistry: 1996-Present
  • Biomacromolecules: 2000-Present
  • Chemical & Engineering News: 1998-Present
  • Chemical Research in Toxicology: 1996-Present
  • Chemical Reviews: 1996-Present
  • Chemistry of Materials: 1996-Present
  • Crystal Growth & Design: 2001-Present
  • Energy & Fuels: 1996-Present
  • Environmental Science & Technology: 1996-Present
  • Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research: 1996-Present
  • Inorganic Chemistry: 1996-Present
  • Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry: 1996-Present
  • Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data: 1996-Present
  • Journal of Chemical Information & Modeling: 1996-Present
  • Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation: 2005-Present
  • Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry: 1996-Present
  • Journal of Medicinal Chemistry: 1996-Present
  • Journal of Natural Products: 1996-Present
  • Journal of Organic Chemistry: 1996-Present
  • Journal of Physical Chemistry: 1996
  • Journal of Physical Chemistry A: 1997-Present
  • Journal of Physical Chemistry B: 1997-Present
  • Journal of Physical Chemistry C: 2007-Present
  • Journal of Proteome Research: 2002-Present
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society: 1996-Present
  • Langmuir: 1996-Present
  • Macromolecules: 1996-Present
  • Molecular Pharmaceutics: 2004-Present
  • Nano Letters: 2001-Present
  • Organic Letters: 1999-Present
  • Organic Process Research and Development: 1997-Present
  • Organometallics

Please note: while full text archival access (from v.1, no.1) is available on the ACS website, UC Library subscribes to current content (1996-forward) only.

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Coverage Type
Citations, Abstracts & Full Text  
Coverage Dates
Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology  
Undergraduate, Graduate  
Vendor or Contributor
American Chemical Society, ACS, Ebsco, NYSHEI  
Access Restrictions
Access restricted to current Utica College students, faculty and staff.  


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