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Numerous Awards Presented at UC Regional Science Fair

New Hartford JuniorTakes Top Honors

Written By Tyler Gardinier '14, PR Intern

Eighty area students competed in UC's Regional Science Fair


Utica, NY (03/11/2014)
- Suveer Desai, an 11th grade student at New Hartford High School, was named Senior Grand Champion of the 36th Annual Utica College Regional Science Fair today. Desai's project was titled "Flow rate versus magnetic field."

In addition to the winner's trophy, Desai receives a half-tuition scholarship to UC for two years, as well as an all-expense paid trip to compete at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles in May. Desai will compete at the Intel ISEF for a grand prize of $75,000, and more than $2.1 million in total prizes.

The senior grand champion runner-up prize was awarded to Sylvia Kryszczuk, a 9th grade student at Whitesboro High School, for her project assessing the flammability, freeze resistance, porosity and tensile strength of various fabrics.

The junior division grand prize winner was Eva Borton, a student at Clinton Middle School. Borton's project was titled, "Looking up to someone versus looking down on them: does head tilt affect judgment?"

The List of Winners from the Fair:

Senior Level

Grand Champion
Suveer Desai

Sylvia Kryszczuk

A. Physical Science
1. Suveer Desai
2. Sylvia Kryszczuk
3. Devin Kilpatrick
4. Autumn Riesel

B. Natural Science
1. Daniel McKeown
2. Sarah Braunlich
3. Tempest Morrissey
4. Finn Morrissey

C. Math/Computer Science/Engineering
1. Tristan Abend
2. Katherine Stanton
3. Selma Palavra
4. Davey Jeselson

Junior Level

Grand Champion
Eva Borton

A. Physical Science
1. Jason Martino & Nicholas Briggs
2. Marie Claire Inniss
3. Ta Bo & Odin Steel
4. Jadon Ingalls

B. Natural Science
1. Eva Borton
2. Nanna Braedon & David Elacqua
3. Chris Rivera
4. Serafina Sortino

C. Math/Computer Science/Engineering
1. Jessica Bailey
2. John Slawson & Andries Kruger
3. Patrick Mahoney
4. John George & Anthony Acosta

Information Directorate of the Air Force Research Lab AFCEA Award
Junior level

Joseph Falvo ($15)
Ta Bo ($15)
Jason Martino ($15)
Marie Claire Inniss ($15)
Cristian Lugo ($15)
Nwe Nee Sar ($15
Jadon Ingalls ($25)
Luke Kramer & Alec Meelan ($25)
Allie Lehman ($25)
Peter Burritt ($25)
Patrick Mahoney ($25)
Leah Boykin ($40)
Eva Borton ($75)

Senior level

Sylvia Kryszczuk ($15)
Alaina St. John ($15)
Selma Palavra ($15)
Davey Jeselson ($15)
Hannah Jolls ($25)
Tempest Morrissey ($25)
Isabel Gouse ($25)
Reem Nagi ($25)
Andrew Salie ($40)
Daniel McKeown ($40)
Tristan Abend ($40)
Sarah Braunlich ($50)
Finn Morrissey ($100)
Suveer Desai ($100)

Intel Special Awards

National Society of Professional Engineers Award (certificate)

John Slawson
Andries Kruger

Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award (certificate and $200)
Katherine Stanton

ASM International Foundation Award (certificate)
Katherine Burritt

Association for Women Geoscientists (certificate)
Jamie Weakley

APA Outstanding Research in Psychology Award (certificate)
Eva Borton

Ricoh Sustainable Development Award (certificate)
Joshua Clarkson

Mu Alpha Theta Award (certificate)
Isabel Gouse

Stockholm Junior Water Prize (certificate and opportunity to compete in the US Stockholm Junior Water Prize)
Katherine Burritt
Davey Jeselson
Daniel McKeown

U.S. Metric Association Award (certificate)
Tristan Abend

Yale Science and Engineering Association Award (certificate and medallion)
Tristan Abend

NOAA Award (certificate, medallion and letter)
Devin Kilpatrick

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Award (certificate, medal)
Andy Jeselson

U.S. Navy/Marine Corps Award (certificate and medal)
Ryan Kolwaite
Ammar Arnautovic
Sylvia Kryszczuk
Katherine Burritt

UC Special Awards

Norman P. Bernstein Award for Achievement in Electronics
Suveer Desai ($25)
John George & Anthony Acosta ($25)

Asa Gray Biological Society Award for Achievement in Biology
Devin Kilpatrick ($25)
Eva Borton ($25)

The Majka Award for Ecology or Conservation
Davey Jeselson ($50)

Pratt and Whitney Metals, Inc.
Suveer Desai ($50)
Eva Borton ($50)

The Majka Award for Natural Science
Eva Borton ($50)

The Don and Sally Majka Award for Social Science
Finn Morrissey ($50)
Eva Borton ($50)

Oneida Research Services Inc. Award for Achievement in Chemistry
Tristan Abend ($25)
Nicole Jeselson ($20)

Utica College National Alumni Council Award
Sylvia Kryszczuk ($25)
Chris Rivera ($25)

Vincent J. Coyne Award for Natural Science
Daniel McKeown ($50)
Nwe Nee Sar ($50)

For more information about the science fair, call the Office of Arts and Sciences at (315) 792-3057, or visit utica.edu/sciencefair.

About Utica College – Utica College, founded in 1946, is a comprehensive private institution offering bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. The College, located in upstate central New York, approximately 90 miles west of Albany and 50 miles east of Syracuse, currently enrolls over 4,000 students in 36 undergraduate majors, 27 minors, 21 graduate programs and a number of pre-professional and certification programs.


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