Academic Planning and Assessment
Academics at Utica College

Academic Planning and Assessment

Assessment Activity within the Division of Academic Affairs is guided by the Academic Affairs Divisional Goals, and the Strategic Plan's Institutional Priority 1, The Academic Endeavor: We will build our reputation on prominence or distinction in every educational program.

I.     Assessment activity within the Division of Academic Affairs is guided by by the general principles contained in the document

Assessing Institutional Effectiveness at Utica College

. The cycles of assessment for each of the levels under the Division of Academic Affairs are detailed in  the Academic Assessment Plan



Assessment activities that support Institutional Effectiveness occur at several levels:

II.  Assessment of Student Learning is guided by the Academic Assessment Plan and is coordinated by the Academic Assessment Coordinating Committee.

Assessment of Student Learning occurs at three levels:

III.  Resources

Academic Assessment Coordinating Committee (AACC) Polices and Procedures Handbook

This handbook contains a number of resources including:
  • Program Review Schedule
  • Criteria for a five-year program review
  • Academic Assessment Plan
  • Assessment Definitions

Other assessment resources available on this web site include:


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