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Utica College Professor's Book Release Coincides with Upcoming Election

Perry Addresses Mormons in Politics in Book

Written By Colleen Bierstine '15, PR Intern

"Mormons in Politics: From Persecution to Power"


Utica, NY (11/01/2012)
- Utica College Associate Professor of Government and Politics Luke Perry has just released his book, “Mormons in Politics: From Persecution to Power.”

The release is particularly timely with the upcoming election because Mitt Romney is the first Mormon to represent a major party as a presidential candidate. The timing of the book’s release is also appropriate because Perry believes most people know little about the Latter-Day Saints. Perry said political analysis of Mormons was lacking, and he is one of few scholars focused on the relationship between Mormons and politics.

The book is co-authored by Christopher Cronin and published by Praeger, a division of ABC-CLIO.

Perry’s interest in the topic developed while spending three years working at Southern Utah University. The area has a high concentration of people who belong to the Mormon faith, thus learning about the religion was a natural part of living in such a distinct sub-culture. Mormons are fastest-growing religious group in the country, and Mormonism is the only religion to get its start in the U.S.

Perry earned a master’s and a doctoral degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He has served as a Fulbright Scholar in Lithuania and was also a visiting scholar in Greece, Croatia, Ukraine and Romania. He has published several works on a variety of topics within American politics including the presidency, religion and politics, political rhetoric and thought.

Perry’s current research involves the impact of Romney’s faith on his electoral prospects and his presidency, should he be elected.

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