Ahmed Radwan Ph.D.
Chair, Campus Theme Committee

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About UC's Campus Theme

Campus Theme 2015-2017 Breaking Barriers

Campus Theme 2015-2017 Breaking Barriers

Exploring Key Issues

One of Utica College's most enjoyable traditions is the "Campus Theme," a year-long opportunity for all members of the College community to explore issues of great social importance from a variety of viewpoints.  Events sponsored by other campus organizations, offices, or programs may all participate in and be recognized for "theme related" activities.  The theme committee reviews proposals for theme sponsored events and contributes, as approved, to the funding of events that foster the campus theme.   Faculty, staff, and students are invited to participate in and suggest:
  • Public events, including presentations by nationally recognized public figures
  • Classroom discussions
  • FILMS@UC  
  • All-College forums 

Campus Theme 2015-17:  Breaking Barriers

The Campus Theme for the academic years 2015-16 and 2016-17 is Breaking Barriers.  ...

The Campus Theme Committee welcomes your ideas, and your energy. We are eager to support your programs as they bring a new understanding of what drives change both now and in the future.

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