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UC Library General Collection

The UC Library General Collection contains print, electronic and microform materials that support the academic curriculum and research missions of the College.

Types of Materials Collected

Currently UC Library collections the following types of materials in support of the academic curriculum


  • Books in print and electronic formats
  • Journals in print and electronic formats
  • Databases
  • Indexes and abstracts
  • Other electronic resources


The library provides several resources to help you discover what's in the UC Collection:

Library Catalog 
Search  book, media and journal holdings

Online Resources 

Search databases and other online sources of information 

E-Journal Portal 

Search the electronic journal, or e-journal, collection. 




What you need not in the UC Collection?


General Collection Statistics

Volumes: Books & EBooks240,000
Micoform Titles850
Current Journal Subscriptions
[Many thousands more are online]
Annual Acquisitions600



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