What happens when I get caught?

What Happens When I Get Caught?

Consequences of Getting Caught for Students

When Utica College is aware of a potential violation of Utica College policy and federal laws involving illegal peer-to-peer file sharing, the student’s network access is immediately, but temporarily blocked on your computer. The office of Integrated Information Technology Services (IITS) will make three attempts to contact you using the telephone number on file, campus mail, or United States mail.

Access will not be restored until you respond to College notices and/or request a meeting immediately with the College’s Information Security Officer in IITS.

Consequences for violating the copyright policy of Utica College are listed below.

First Offense:
• Immediate,but temporary loss of campus data network privileges on your computer.
o The length of time for the loss of privileges will depend on the severity of the offense.
• Make arrangements within three days of notification to schedule a conference between you and the College’s Information Security Officer in IITS.
• Mandatory training on copyright law.

Second or Repeat Offenses:
• A finding of violation of said policy shall result in temporary or permanent revocation of campus data network privileges.
•Once blocked, you will not be allowed to access UC internet services on your computer.
• Referral to the Office of Student Affairs for adjudication as a violation of Utica College policy.
•If a violation is confirmed you will be charged a network reconnection fee.  Additional violations will result in increasingly larger reconnection fees.

Violating the rights of a copyright owner can result in judgments in the form of actual or statutory damages. The courts determine the damages associated with copyright infringement, and statutory damages can range from $200 per violation to $150,000 per violation. Alternatively, a violation can result in a judgment for actual damages, and in the case of a willful violation, you can be held accountable to pay costs and attorneys’ fees related to litigation. Finally, certain willful actions could result in criminal charges which could include fines and jail time.

Consequences of Getting Caught Faculty/Staff
The College will take disciplinary action if you engage in illegal file sharing. Possible consequences the College may take are listed below.
• Notification to the Office of Human Resources.
• Subject to civil and criminal actions in court.
• Sanctions up to and including termination

For more information, refer to the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Utica College and the AAUP-UC and/or the Utica College Employee Code of Conduct.

There are a variety of options available through which you can access music, movies, games, software and other media files in compliance with copyright laws.

To learn more, visit Alternatives for Legally Obtaining Copyrighted Materials.


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