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10 Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities 26:00 VHS & DVD
2000 Amazing Moments in Time 91 minutes VHS
AIDS in the Health Care Workplace VHS
AIDS: Can I Get It? 50 minutes VHS
AIDS: Facts and Fears, Crisis and Controversy 56 minutes VHS
Alternative Energy Sources 30 minutes VHS
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 20 minutes VHS
Artificial Intelligence: Real Problems 24 minutes VHS
Astronomers 60 minutes each VHS
1. Where Is the Rest of the Universe?  
2. Searching for Black Holes  
3. A Window To Creation  
4. The Waves of the Future  
5. Stardust  
6. Prospecting for Plants  
Atmospheric Circulation 25 minutes VHS
Balancing Nature: Trapping in Today’s World 28 minutes VHS
Basics of Real Estate Mathematics 90 minutes VHS
Blind Watchmaker: The Evolutionary Ideas of Richard Dawkins 49 minutes VHS
Brain Machine 26 minutes VHS
Chasing El Nino 60 minutes VHS
Chernobyl Plant: The Aftermath 30 minutes VHS
Continental Drift: Theory of Plate Tectonics 22 minutes VHS
Cracking the Ice Age 60 minutes VHS
Day After Tomorrow 123:00 VHS
Death of the Dinosaurs 60 minutes VHS
Ducks Under Siege 60 minutes VHS
Earth Revealed Series 60 minutes each VHS
1. Down to Earth  
2. The Restless Planet  
3. Earth's Interior  
4. The Sea Floor  
5. The Birth of a Theory  
6. Plate Dynamics  
7. Mountain Building  
8. Earth's Structures  
9. Earthquakes  
10. Geologic Time  
11. Evolution Through Time  
12. Minerals  
13. Volcanism  
14. Intrusive Igneous Rocks  
15. Weathering and Soils  
16. Mass Wasting  
17. Sedimentary Rocks  
18. Metamorphic Rocks  
19. Running Water I  
20. Running Water II  
21. Groundwater  
22. Wind,Dust, and Deserts  
23. Glaciers  
24. Waves, Beaches, and Coasts  
25. Living with Earth, Pt. 1  
26. Living with Earth, Pt. 2  
Ebola: The Plague Fighter 60 minutes VHS
Eddie's Story (AIDS) 20 minutes VHS
Eminent Chemists Series 165 minutes each VHS
1. Dr. Joel Hildebrand  
2. Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg  
3. Dr. Hubert N. Alyea  
4. Dr. John C. Bailar  
Female Circumcision: Human Rites 41 minutes VHS
Fine Preservation in Fossils: An Evolutionary Bonanza 27 minutes VHS
Flood 60 minutes VHS
Fruits De Mer 26 minutes VHS
Galapagos: Beyond Darwin 100 minutes VHS
Galapagos: Darwin’s World Within Itself 19 minutes VHS
Geological Work of Ice 10 minutes VHS
Gestational Age Assessment 27 minutes VHS
HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials: Knowing Your Options 19 minutes VHS
How to Grow Healthy House Plants 48 minutes VHS
How to Grow Roses 48 minutes VHS
Human Body: Brain 28 minutes VHS
Human Body: Symptoms of Aging 28 minutes VHS
Human Sexuality and the Life Cycle Part 3: Adult Sexuality 18 minutes VHS
Immune Response 19 minutes VHS
In Search of Human Origins: The Story of Lucy 60 minutes VHS
In the Shadow of Vesuvius 60 minutes VHS
Industry and the Environment 60 minutes VHS
Insects: The Ruling Class 60 minutes VHS
Inside the Cell: Microstructures, Mechanism, Molecules 46 minutes VHS
Internet for Educators 66 minutes VHS
Into the World (See: Reproduction: Into the World) 26 minutes VHS
Is Environmental Science for Sale 22 minutes VHS
It All Ads Up (CPOA) 12 minutes VHS
Journey to the Sacred Sea 60 minutes VHS
Learning About the TI-85 110 minutes VHS
Learning About the TI-92 110 minutes VHS
Living Planet Series VHS
1. Sweet Fresh Water  
2. Jungle  
3. The Open Ocean  
4. The Northern Forests  
5. Seas of Grass  
6. The Frozen World  
7. The Margins of the Land  
8. The Sky Above  
9. The Baking Deserts  
10. Worlds Apart  
11. The Building of the Earth  
12. New Worlds  
Math: A Four Letter Word 19 minutes VHS
Meiosis: The Key to Genetic Diversity 25 minutes VHS
Navigating the Internet 93 minutes VHS
Nervous System: Nerves At Work 26 minutes VHS
Now That You Know: Living Healthy With HIV VHS
1. Coping with the News 48 minutes  
2. Understanding HIV 33 minutes  
3. Lifestyle Choices & Changes 51 minutes  
4. Understanding Treatment 62 minutes  
Our Biosphere: The Earth in Our Hands 45 minutes VHS
Our Future Landfill 18 minutes VHS
Our Living Shield 21 minutes VHS
Outrage at Valdez 48 minutes VHS
Ozone Layer - PBS (NOVA) 60 minutes VHS
People of the Forest 90 minutes VHS
Period Piece 30 minutes VHS
Race to Save the Planet 60 minutes each VHS
1. The Environmental Revolution: Do We Really Want to Live This Way?  
2. In the Name of Progress: Remnants of Eden  
3. More For Less: Save The Earth - Feed The World  
4. Waste Not, Want Not: It Needs Political Decisions  
5. Only One Atmosphere: Now or Never  
Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring 60 minutes VHS
Rain Forests (Nat.Geog.Series) PBS 60 minutes VHS
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The Solid Waste Challenge 17 minutes VHS
Reproduction: Into the World 26 minutes VHS
Sea 26 minutes VHS
Sea Beneath the Earth 22 minutes VHS
Searching for the Origins of Life 50 minutes VHS
Secrets of the Psychics (NOVA) 60 minutes VHS
Senses and Sensitivity 60:00 each each VHS
Sensory Transduction: Getting the Message  
The Science of Sight: Getting the Puicture  
The Science of Sound: How Hearing Happens  
Neural Processing: Making Sense of Sensory Information  
Sewage Treatment Plant (MVCC Field Trip) VHS
Shape of Things 60 minutes VHS
Simulated Intelligence 26 minutes VHS
Soil: Profiles and Processes 20 minutes VHS
Spare Parts: Growing Human Organs 26 minutes VHS
Spirits of the Rainforest 90 minutes VHS
Talking Trash: Understanding Landfills 28 minutes VHS
Theory of Evolution VHS
Understanding Basic Genetics 15 minutes VHS
Victory Garden: Vegetable Video 60 minutes VHS
Volcanoes of the Deep 40 minutes VHS
War on Cancer: Cornering a Killer 52 minutes VHS
Warning From the Ice 60 minutes VHS
Weather and Climate Series 20 minutes each VHS
Tape 1: The Air Around Us; Differences in Temperature  
Tape 2: Why Does It Rain? Climates in the Tropics  
Tape 3: Climates in Europe  
When Life Begins 14 minutes VHS
When We Throw It Away, Is It Really Away 58 minutes VHS
World Population Problems 16 minutes VHS
Young Age of the Earth 76 minutes VHS
Your Move to Digital - PBS Satellite Prog. 9/94 60 minutes VHS


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