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Movie Title Length Format
Beach and Sea Animals (16mm) 11 minutes 16mm
Earth Science: Exploring Planet Earth (16mm) 10 minutes 16mm
Evidence For Ice Ages (16mm) 14 minutes 16mm
Evolution of Landscape (16mm) 19 minutes 16mm
Flood Forecasting (16mm) 20 minutes 16mm
Geologic Time (16mm) 24 minutes 16mm
Groundwater (16mm) 18 minutes 16mm
Life in the Sea (16mm) 11 minutes 16mm
Planetary Circulation of the Atmosphere (16mm) 27 minutes 16mm
Plankton and the Open Sea (16mm) 22 minutes 16mm
Problems of Conservation (Water) (16mm) 16mm
Water 16 minutes  
Minerals 16 minutes  
Air 15 minutes  
Tidal Flat (16mm) 17 minutes 16mm
Water Cycle (16mm) 14 minutes 16mm