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Movie Title Length Format
10 Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities 26:00 VHS & DVD
Apollo 13 140:00 DVD
Apollo Moon Landing 72:00 DVD
Best from Conceptual Physics Alive DVD
Brilliant Madness 60:00 DVD
Business of Being Born 84:00 DVD
Clockwork Genes: Discoveries in Biological Time DVD
Core (DVD) 134:00 DVD
Day the Universe Changed: Darwin's Revolution 53:00 DVD
Dimming the Sun (NOVA) 56:00 DVD
Flatland 35:00 DVD
Flow 84:00 DVD
Food, Inc. 94:00 DVD
Genius of Charles Darwin 139:00 DVD
In the Womb 89:00 DVD
Inconvenient Truth 96:00 DVD
Life's Greatest Miracle 60:00 DVD
Living with New York Black Bears 60:00 DVD
Loose Change Final Cut 128:00 DVD
Meaning From Data: Statistics Made Clear (24 Lectures) 30:00 ea DVD
Meet Your Meat 13:00 DVD
Mind in Motion 52:00 DVD
Miracle of Life 60:00 DVD
Modern Marvels: Doomsday Tech 1 50:00 DVD
Modern Marvels: More Doomsday Tech 50:00 DVD
Mythbuster: Exploring Port-a-potty 60:00 DVD
Mythbusters (Season One) - 13 Episodes 60:00 each DVD
Penny Drop  
Buried Alive  
Lightning Strikes/Tongue Piercing  
Explosive Decompression  
Sinking Titanic  
Breakstep Bridge  
Buried in Concrete  
Exploding Toilet  
Cell Phone Destroys Gas Station  
Barrel of Bricks  
Stinky Car  
Alcatraz Escape  
Chicken Gun  
Mythbusters: Breaking Glass 60:00 DVD
Mythbusters: Brown Note 60:00 DVD
Mythbusters: Buster Special 60:00 DVD
Mythbusters: Cooling a Six-Pack 60:00 DVD
Mythbusters: Hollywood on trial 60:00 DVD
Mythbusters: Jet Black 60:00 DVD
Mythbusters: Killer Brace Position 60:00 DVD
Mythbusters: Revealed 60:00 DVD
Mythbusters: Salsa Escape 60:00 DVD
Mythbusters: Shop Till You Drop 60:00 DVD
Mythbusters: Son of a Gun 60:00 DVD
National Parks: America's Best Idea DVD
Scripture of Nature - 1851-1890 116:00  
The Last Refuge - 1890-1915 131:00  
The Empire of Grandeur - 1915-1919 114:00  
Going Home - 1920-1933 117:00  
Great Nature - 1933 - 1945 116:00  
The Morning of Creation - 1946-1980 116:00  
Newton's Dark Secrets 56:00 DVD
Planet Earth Series DVD
Pole to Pole  
Deep Ocean  
Ice Worlds  
Shallow Seas  
Great Plains  
Fresh Water  
Seasonal Forests  
The Future  
Scientific Method 25:00 DVD
Sex Determination: The Meaning o Sex: Genes & Gender DVD
Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance 120:00 DVD
Spontaneous Human Combustion (DVD) 60:00 DVD
Ten Things Every Child Needs for the Best Start in Life 60:00 DVD
Terra Blight 55:00 DVD
The Baby Human Part 1 150:00 DVD
The Baby Human Part 2 155:00 DVD
Touchpoints 132:00 DVD
Unexplained (2 DVDs) 120 minutes each DVD
1.The Vampire Myth  
2. Poltergeist  
3. Extreme Sacrifices  
4. Spontaneous Human Combustion  


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