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The Office of Academic Affairs has created a database to record all reported instances of academic dishonesty. The idea is to ensure that serial offenders do not escape attention. In accordance with the current Utica College catalog, repeat offenses, or particularly egregious first offenses, will be referred to the Academic Standards Committee, which may impose more serious penalties.

  1. When you detect academic dishonesty and have decided what penalty to impose, meet with the student to inform him or her of your decision. For guidelines on penalties, see the Academic Standards Committee's guidelines for handling intellectual dishonesty.  Faculty must provide the student with a completed Academic Dishonesty Form Letter.
  2. Send a copy of the completed form letter to the Office of Academic Affairs for recording in their database.  Please attach supporting material such as a copy of the offending paper, report, or exam paper. The Office of Academic Affairs keeps this material in case the incident is referred to the Academic Standards Committee. You should keep a copy for your own records.
The Office of Academic Affairs must receive a copy, no matter how minor the instance or the sanction. In the past, detecting serial offenders was almost impossible.

Utica College has an institutional subscription to, the content-matching service that can be used to detect plagiarism. Students submit their papers to the website which checks them against both the world wide web and its own database of submitted papers and returns an originality report to the faculty member teaching the class. For more details or to get the College's password contact the Office of Academic Affairs at (315) 792-3122.

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