Program-Level Assessment of Student Learning
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Program-Level Student Learning Assessment

Program-level student learning assessment is based on the program-level student learning goals.  These are posted on every academic program web page.

Student learning goals at this level are identified and documented by the faculty.  Many programs hold external accreditation that also requires and approves student learning goals for the respective academic program.  Faculty review these goals at the time of the program review, which is usually every five years or when the program is reaccredited. Program-level student learning goals are communicated to students via the College’s website and the college catalog.

 Direct Measures

Program faculty are responsible for identifying program-level student learning goals, determining the assessment mechanisms most appropriate, and documenting the results. Faculty of each program have the flexibility to assess as many student learning goals as needed and they have the flexibility to assess the same goal(s) in consecutive years.


Annually, a minimum of one program-level student learning goal is assessed by the faculty of the program with resulting actions identified.

Collecting the data and sharing the results

Findings are documented each fall semester on the Program-level Student Learning Goals form (see AACC handbook appendix 5) and submitted to the respective school dean for review by October 15.  Generally, the academic program chair will complete this documentation.  The Director of Academic Assessment collects this form and the dean’s response for archival purposes and future reference. 

Closing the Loop

The School Dean meets annually with the programs/departments to discuss the results of the assessment and plan the resulting actions.  The Dean documents the results of the meeting. Annual goal documents, student learning assessment documents, and other assessment documentation generated by the process are stored in an electronic form by the Director of Academic Assessment on the College’s designated storage devices. Departmental-level Student Learning Goal assessment results are summarized in the five-year program review.

Linked to budget

The school dean uses program-level student learning goal assessment results to support budget requests at the program level. The college budget committee is responsible for documenting the use of assessment results linked to budget decisions and resource allocations.

 Sustaining the Process

As needed, the Director of Academic Assessment meets with department chairs to explain the annual assessment activities for the college, and provides professional guidance and development opportunities. The Department chairs Handbook provides information on annual assessment activities, documentation, and guidance about assessing student learning goals. Any recommendations for amendments to the process are included in the report by the Director of Academic Assessment to AACC.


Program-Level Student Learning Assessment Results



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