Assessment at Utica College

Five-Year Program Review


All academic programs are required to complete a self-study as part of the 5-year program review process. The self-study asks faculty to reflect on and analyze data related to student learning, curriculum, faculty qualifications, and program resources. The content outline for the self-study is available online and from the Academic Assessment Coordinating Committee.

Some academic departments include more than one registered program. If a department would like to consolidate the program review process and include more than one program in the department, a request should be made in writing and forwarded to the Academic Assessment Coordinating Committee. This request should be submitted the spring prior to the deadline for submission.

For programs that have specialized accreditors, the accreditation reports may replace the self-study. Departments must first get approval from AACC. If such approval is granted, the program should submit a copy of its accreditation report to the Academic Assessment Coordinating Committee. In addition to this report, they should submit a brief executive summary that addresses the content required by the college’s self-study.

The program review schedule is appended to the Guide to Academic Assessment 2017 – 2018. Programs scheduled for review must submit a copy of their self-study by October 15 to

Institutional Effectiveness


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