Insitutional-Level Student Learning Assessment
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Insitution-Level Assessment of Student Learning.

Assessment of institution-level student learning is guided by the College's

Five Intellectual Skills


The student learning goals at this level have been identified by the faculty and were vetted through the Faculty Senate in 2013.

Direct Measures:

Each skill is directly assessed by a rubric.  The rubric has been developed through an inclusive process where college faculty volunteered to design and test the rubric for each general education goal.


Each general education goal has been placed on a rotating schedule for assessment.  link needed

Collecting the data and sharing the results:
The Director of Academic Assessment is responsible for collecting and disseminating the results to the campus constituents.  These include reports to the faculty senate, AACC, and college executives.  A visual summary is created and posted internally for future reference and planning purposes.

Closing the loop:
Responsibility for reviewing and taking action on institution-level assessment results is shared across a number of bodies:
  • The AACC is responsible for reviewing the institution-level student learning assessment process and producing reports that summarize the results of that process.
  • Work groups review the processes associated with their specific goal and recommend any necessary changes to the AACC. 
  • The Response to the Assessment of General Eduction Subcommittee (RAGE) is responsible for reviewing reports of institution level student learning outcomes, identifying reasonable benchmarks for achievement, and recommending action to the Faculty Senate and academic administration.
  • The Office of Academic Affairs, including the Provost and the Provost’s cabinet, reviews institutional-level assessment results, identifies any issues, and refers them to the appropriate college entity including other College offices or bodies.
Each responsible body documents actions taken in their minutes which are stored on the College’s shared drive.

Linked to budget:
The Director of Academic Assessment is responsible for compiling annual reports on institutional-level student learning assessment results for use in the budget formation process. The Provost, as a member of the College’s budget committee, is responsible for bringing assessment information to the budget formation process.

Sustaining the Institutional Level Student Learning Assessment Process:
The AACC, in conjunction with the Director of Academic Assessment, works collaboratively to facilitate the institutional level academic assessment model.  The process is reviewed continuously to improve all aspects of the model.  The Office of Academic Assessment has the responsibility to annually document the process and results, and to disseminate the data to the appropriate units or committees.

Institution-Level Student Learning Results


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