IRB Forms and Guides

IRB Forms and Guides

The forms below are used submit a new request for research involving human subjects and reporting any status changes in an approved research protocol to the IRB. Guides and checklists are also provided below to assist in the completion of these forms.

IRB Proposal Application - For researchers who think that their Non-Human Subjects (NHSR) or Exempt applications only.
Researchers who are conducting research that could be considered Non-human Subjects Research or Exempt from IRB review should complete this application and email it to
This online form must be submitted and approved prior to any research being conducted that involves human subjects.  See the Researcher's Guide below for assistance in completing the application. This includes research being conducted by students, staff, or faculty.  See the template below for a Word version of the IRB application questions (to be used for draft purposes only). Older versions of the IRB Application are no longer being accepted.
This form must be submitted if there are any significant changes to the research protocol from what was approved by the IRB. This includes modifications, addenda, and/or amendments to a research project, including changes regarding the researchers. Submit at least one month in advance to ensure time for it to be reviewed.
Researchers who receive IRB approval to conduct research on human subjects must submit a request to renew the approval no less than once per year until data collection and analysis are complete. Submit no later than four weeks before the current approval expiration date.
Any adverse events or unanticipated problems during approved research involving human subjects must be reported to the IRB using this form.
This form must be submitted once all subjects have completed participation and data analysis is complete (or analysis continues only on data that are no longer identifiable in any way).
This application is submitted by each faculty member teaching a research methods course (or other related course) to obtain initial IRB approval covering the instructional research activities designed to teach students about research and involve human subjects. This application is submitted only ONCE for research-designated courses that will be repeated without modifications - one application per course per instructor; it does not need to be submitted again unless the course is modified.
After receiving approval of the Application for Teaching Methods, this form must be submitted by the faculty member every semester the course is taught. This form is used to assure the IRB that each student research project involves minimal risk, adheres to ethical standards, maintains the confidentiality and informed consent of the subjects, and generally is to be used only for classroom purposes.

Guides, Checklists, and Sample Forms
     Researcher's Guide
This helpful guide will assist researchers in completing the Application for Human Subjects Research Approval form. [Coming soon.]
This checklist helps researchers ensure that the informed consent document(s) contain all required elements according to federal regulations.
     Sample Consent Form
[Coming soon.]
This Word version of the new application human subjects research approval is provided for drafting purposes only - it will NOT be accepted by the IRB as your application.  The questions you will find in the online IRB application are included in this document so that you may work on it offline, share it with your Faculty Advisor prior to submission, and/or easily copy and paste answers into the online form.


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