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December 10

Utica College announces plans to offer a new minor in human rights advocacy on the 51st anniversary of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. UC is now one of only a few colleges in the country to give students this type of opportunity.

November 5

The United States Postal Service honors Utica College and two of its alumni with enlarged G.I. Bill Postage Stamps. The College was selected for this honor because it has given thousands of World War II heroes a chance to follow a dream and receive a college education. Navy veterans Frank Scalise '51 and Edward Potrzeba Sr. '67 were also recognized.

The Community Foundation presents the Young Scholars Liberty Partnership Program with a grant for $28,814. The grant will be used to provide additional academic support for the Utica City School District half-day, in-service days for students in the YSLPP.

A New Dream, A New Era: The "2010 Plan for Utica College is approved by the Board of Trustees. The document includes seven strategic initiatives that will create essential opportunities for growth and will chart the College's major direction over the next ten years.

October 2

During one of the college's most successful Homecoming Weekends, Utica College's new residence hall is dedicated. The recently-completed New Hall and Conference Center provides an additional 150 beds and is designed to accommodate Utica College's growing residential student body.

Utica College welcomes 12 middle managers from the Romanian Ministry of Transportation, who came to the United States to learn about the Western economy.


Professor Emeritus Raymond Simon is chosen as one of the top 100 most influential people in public relations for the 20th century by "PRWEEK." Simon was one of only four educators chosen for this top honor. Simon established one of the nation's first undergraduate public relations programs here at Utica College and over the past 50 years over 800 students have graduated from the program.


New hires including Mary Lee Seibert, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty; James S. Pula, dean of graduate and continuing education; and Mike Kemp, Utica College's first head football coach are announced. Preliminary plans for the new sports complex are announced as well. Mjellma Toci, a student from the war torn Balkans, begins her education in America at Utica College. She is part of "Project Concern," a program which has helped place over 40 Kosovar refugees in 22 colleges around the country. Utica College is one of only two colleges in New York State that have enrolled a refugee into their academic program.


Utica College announces the Master of Science in Education degree program in Leadership and Instruction for Inclusive Classrooms beginning in the fall. Introduction of the new graduate program follows the approval of the New York State Board of Regents.


Utica College announces that The Campaign for Utica College, a multi-year fund-raising effort that concluded on May 31, 1999, raised $12,253,751. Considered the most ambitious and successful fund-raising effort in the College's history, proceeds will support endowment, scholarships, and College operations.


Professor Theodore S. Orlin, who teaches public law across the College curriculum and is a human rights attorney, spends the summer visiting the refugee camps in Albania and visiting the victims in Kosovo


August 1

Dr. Todd S. Hutton becomes the seventh president of Utica College (tenth chief executive officer).

January 1

Dr. Thomas G. Brown, vice-president and dean of the College, takes on additional duties as interim president of Utica College.



Utica College marks the 50th anniversary of its first Convocation with the theme From Oneida Square to the World. The theme embodies UC's spirit, from a humble campus on Oneida Square, which opened its doors to serve returning World War II veterans, as well as local students, who wanted a college degree, to its current Burrstone Road campus, which enrolls students from across the country and around the world. The theme also reflects UC's contributions to the local, national, and global communities, with the achievements of its alumni and faculty being recognized and making a significant impact on all levels.


July 1

Utica College becomes financially and legally independent from Syracuse University, while maintaining its historic academic ties, under the direction of its newly established UC Board of Trustees

June 26

Gov. George Pataki signs charter revision declaring Utica College an independent college


Utica College and Syracuse University sign an agreement that continues their academic relationship but gives UC governance and autonomy as a separate institution.



UC's lunch hour series is renamed the Harry F. and Mary Ruth Jackson Lunch Hour Series.



First Kwanzaa Celebration held at UC.


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