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April 8

Karl Wernert calls the first meeting of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) at UC. John Tallmadge elected first president.


Utica College adds Syracuse University upper-level courses to its two-year academic structure.



The college drama group, the Gaslighters, presents the first UC play, Death Takes a Holiday, in the Village Theatre, New Hartford. Lucy Case directs the play.


Utica College organizes an Athletic Council. Athletic Director Henry Varhely launches golf, baseball, basketball, and tennis teams.


Dr. Ralph F. Strebel becomes the second dean of Utica College (second chief executive officer).


October 7

First evening classes at Utica College begin.

September 16

Syracuse University announces opening of Utica College of Syracuse University at Oneida Square. Dr. Winton Tolles serves as the first dean of Utica College (first chief executive officer).


Dr. Robert Willard of Syracuse University organizes and directs three University extension centers in Utica, Rome, and Herkimer.


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