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Welcome to Utica College Faculty and Staff Web Pages

Utica College provides support for those faculty and staff wishing to have and maintain personal websites. The support provided includes: training in the use of tools to create and maintain a site; development of forms, dynamic content and database-driven pages; links to resources that help in the development and design of these websites; and accessibility reviews to determine if the site complies with standards.

Applying for a Site

First, please read Utica College's Web Policy. If you have any questions regarding the policy, please feel free to contact us. After reading the policy you may want to start thinking about your site's appearance and content. Do you want it to look like the other Utica College pages, or have its own unique look and feel? There are arguments for and against both sides.

If you wish to set up your pages easily and maintain standards and accessibility compliance easily, you should choose to use the existing design.

If you want more freedom and flexibility in the appearance of your site, but are not afraid to spend timing ensuring accessibility and standards compliance, you should choose to use your own design.

Once you have decided on the option you want, you are ready to apply for a site.

Getting Started With Your New Site

Regardless of the option you have selected, the following links can be very helpful to get you started.

First, check out our Content Management System Helpsheet. This will help you to learn the controls of the system and describe some of the standards we use on the Utica College Website.

Then read our FAQ to see if any of your questions are answered.

If you are using pages with a unique look and feel, look at our Software Support page. For accessibility guidelines check the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Web Accessibility Initiative Resources at the World Wide Web Consortium. Information on CSS can be found at Cascading Style Sheets Home Page also from the World Wide Web Consortium and example can be found at CSS Zen Garden.

Maintaining Your Site

Of course now that you've had your site for a while, what do you do with it? Use the Utica College Web maintenance checklist to ensure that you don't forget anything.
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