Recommended Software

Software Recommendations

 Software What it doesPlatforms Supported
Macromedia Dreamweaver*  HTML and CSS editor. Has many features. Supports many different technologies. Provides a graphical editing interface.
Mac, Windows
Adobe Photoshop*  Image Editor with many features. Mac, Windows
Microsoft Word Text Editor. Can save as HTML. Very poorly coded HTML. Not compliant with standards or accessibility. Mac, Windows
Microsoft Paint Lightweight Image Editor. Good for what it does, but inadequate for serious web images. Windows
Adobe Acrobat* Converts any document type into PDF. Windows, Mac
W3C Link Checker Checks the links on your site to make sure they all work. Any
W3C CSS Validator

Checks to make sure your CSS is up to standard. Any
W3C HTML Validator

Checks to make sure your HTML is up to standard. Any
* This software is not covered by Utica College's site license and must be purchased separately. To inquire about purchasing this software, please contact the Computer Help Desk.
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