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Movie Title Length Format
1987: The Unforgettable Years (NBC News) 75 minutes VHS
Accessing the Media 12:00 VHS
Advanced Existing Light Photography 30 minutes VHS
Advertising Agency 22 minutes VHS
Anatomy of a Libel Trial: Carol Burnett vs National Enquirer Tape 1 - 60 min.; Tape 2 - 30 min.; Tape 3 - 60 min.; Tape 4 - 50 min. VHS
ASB Strategies Briefing on the SAS's Tape 1 - 116 min.; Tape 2 - 116 min.; Tape 3 - 15 min. VHS
Assignment: Courthouse 30 minutes VHS
Baltimore Sun: 150 Years 57 minutes VHS
Basic Darkroom Techniques Tape 1 - 13 min.; Tape 2 - 15 min.; Tape 3 - 15 min. VHS
Beginning Your CPA Review: How to Use the Texts 60 minutes VHS
Behind the Scenes of the Trade Publication Industry 25 minutes VHS
Best of CRM 142 minutes VHS
Beyond Killing Us Softly: The Strength to Resist 33 minutes VHS
Bill of Rights: Free Press vs Fair Trial: Sheppard Case 26 minutes VHS
Black Press; Soldiers Without Swords 86 minutes VHS
Call Northside 777 111 minutes VHS
Challenge of Change - Planning 15 minutes VHS
Challenge of Change: County Government Prepares for the 21st Century 20 minutes VHS
Clockwork 25 minutes VHS
Closer Look at the Institutional Ethics Committee 1985 VHS
Constitution: That Delicate Balance: National Security vs Freedom of the 60 minutes VHS
Corporate Campaigns: Organized Labor's Attack on American 17 minutes VHS
Coup D'Etat: The Week That Changed the World 40 minutes VHS
Crime File II: Probation Show #7 28 minutes VHS
Cyber War 60:00 VHS
Death of a Newspaper (Final Edition) 30 minutes VHS
Desktop Publishing 40 minutes VHS
Dilemma in the Newsroom VHS
Pt. 1 64 minutes  
Pt. 2 51 minutes  
Don't Lie for the Other Guy 60 minutes VHS
Eastern State Penitentiary 53 minutes VHS
Eco-Friendliness in Japan 20 minutes VHS
Empire of Reason (NYS Bar Assoc.) 60 minutes VHS
Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio VHS
Enterprise: Buyout 30 minutes VHS
Enterprise: Fired 30 minutes VHS
Enterprise: The Kyocera Experiment 30 minutes VHS
Ethics and the Deficit 7/94 (PBS) 60 minutes VHS
Ethics in America 60 minutes each VHS
1. Do Unto Others  
2. To Defend a Killer  
3. Public Trust, Private Interests  
4. Does Doctor Know Best?  
5. Anatomy of a Corporate  
6. Under Orders, Under Fire Pt. 1  
7. Under Orders, Under Fire Pt. 2  
8. Truth on Trial  
9. The Human Experiment  
10. Politics, Privacy & The Press  
Excellence in Journalism 20 minutes VHS
Fahrenheit 451 112:00 VHS
Fear and Favor in the Newsroom VHS
Free Speech & Advertising: Who Draws the Line? VHS
Friend of the Rich (Malcolm Forbes) (CBS 60 Minutes) 13 minutes VHS
George Carlin: George's Best Stuff 87:00 VHS
Graphic Design I 45 minutes VHS
His Girl Friday 92 minutes VHS & DVD
Hollywood Screenwriters & Their Craft 90 minutes VHS
Hoop Dreams 176:00 VHS
Introduction to Graphic Communications Processes 18 minutes VHS
Investigative Reports: On Parole: Prisoners of Freedom 50:00 VHS
Journalism & Justice: The Media & The OJ Simpson Case 180 minutes VHS
Journalist's Guide to Federal Criminal Procedures 58 minutes VHS
Kid Crime: Violent Crime & Children (20th Century Series) 50:00 VHS
Kids For Sale: A Look at Commercial Television 22 minutes VHS
Killing Pablo 60:00 VHS
Learning Photography by Kodak 45 minutes each VHS
1. Basics of Taking Better Pictures  
2. Art of Composing Pictures  
3. Using Filters, Creative Techniques & Photographing People  
4. Choosing the Right Film, Lenses & Advanced Film Techniques  
Local News VHS
1. To Work a Miracle  
2. A Working Team  
3. There's No Place Like Home  
4. Grace Under Pressure  
5. Changes and Consequences  
Long Shots: Life and Times of the American Basketball Association 55:00 VHS
Making of a Magazine 20 minutes VHS
Mao: The Real Man 54:36 VHS
Media and Human Rights 60 minutes VHS
Media and Politics (Newsweek) 20 minutes VHS
Media and the American Indian 26 minutes VHS
Mindwalk 110:00 VHS
Mock Libel Trial: The Hamster "Death Care" Case 105 minutes VHS
National Desk: Politics and Warriors: Women in the Military (PBS) 60 minutes VHS
No More Privacy (All About You) 59 minutes VHS
People Service Success: Mobilizing People for Breakthrough Services 30:00 VHS
Personnel Administration: In the Beginning Thru 1980’s 15 minutes VHS
Perspectives on Crime and Justice VHS
1. Can We Make Prohibition Work Better? 65 minutes  
2. Crime Control, the Police & Culture Wars 70 minutes  
3. Crime Control, the Police and "Reasonable Suspicion" 69 minutes  
Power Close (Five Keys to Successful Selling) VHS
Probation 28 minutes VHS
Professor Erik Erikson 50 minutes VHS
Project Censored: Is the Press Really Free? 57 minutes VHS
Psychological Maltreatment of Children: Assault on the Psyche 19 minutes VHS
Rape By Any Name 58 minutes VHS
Ray Kroc: The Man Behind McDonalds 28 minutes VHS
Recruiting New Members 12:00 VHS
Recycled Paper 17 minutes VHS
Reporting America at War 180:00 VHS
Responding to Hate Crimes 20 minutes VHS
Revolution: A Video Toaster Demo VHS
Road to Return 56 minutes VHS
Role Playing the Principles of Selling 31 minutes VHS
Solving People Problems on the Job VHS
Stalking Laura 94:00 VHS
Story of Quiju 100 minutes VHS
Supermarket Persuasion: What Marketers Know 24:00 VHS
Taking Care of Business: Information Revolution 58 minutes VHS
Taylor Chain I 34 minutes VHS
Taylor Chain II 29 minutes VHS
Teams and Tools 16 minutes VHS
Tech Talk: Getting the Feed (Satellite Program) 60 minutes VHS
Television: The Pervasive Medium VHS
Terrorism Against Americans 50:00 VHS
The Paper 112:00 VHS
Too Hot for TV: Made for TV Elections 90 minutes VHS
Trends in Retailing 30 minutes VHS
Video Toaster Essentials 85 minutes VHS
Videography: The Guide to Making Videos (PBS) VHS
1. Camcorder Basics  
2. Basic Videomaking  
3. Photography and Lighting  
4. Audio Techniques  
5. Advanced Camcorder/Lighting Techniques  
6. More Editing Techniques  
7. News and Documentary  
8. Shoot the Event  
Vietnam Reconsidered: Lessons From a War VHS
Pt. IV: The Quality of Reporting: To TET 111 minutes  
Pt. V: The Quality of Reporting: TET and After 113 minutes  
We're American's Teamsters 24 minutes VHS
What's To Be Done? When Some Policemen Turn Back to Militiamen (The Roman Experience) VHS
Working (Studs Turkel) 92 minutes VHS
World Issues & Media Responsibility (2 Pts.) VHS
World of Magazines 24 minutes VHS
You've Got a Lot To Offer...We've Got a Lot To Gain 15 minutes VHS


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