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Movie Title Length Format
1984 110:00 DVD
9/11 the Falling Man (PAL VERSION) 7200 DVD
Absence of Malice (DVD) 117:00 DVD
Adventures of Superman (Complete 1st Season) 662:00 DVD
Advertsing Creative Appeals 20:00 DVD
All the President''s Men (DVD) 139:00 DVD
America's Ad Icons 51:00 DVD
American Casino 89:00 DVD
Apocalypse Now Redux 202:00 DVD
Bearing Witness 100:00 DVD
Beyond the Patriot Act 28:30 DVD
Beyond Words: Photographers of War 57:00 DVD
Big Squeeze: Rejuvenating a Century-Old Brand 25:00 DVD
Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords 86:00 DVD
Bloody Cartoons (Freedom of Expression & the Clash of Culture) 54:00 DVD
Bride of Frankenstein (see: Frankenstein) 75:00 DVD
Broadcast Journalism: In the Digital Age 28:48 DVD
Capturing the Friedmans 235:00 DVD
City of God 130:00 DVD
Civil Action (DVD) 115 minutes DVD
CNBC Titans: Steve Jobs 44:00 DVD
Contacts.1 156:00 DVD
Contacts.2 143:00 DVD
Contacts.3 130:00 DVD
Control Room 86:00 DVD
Copyright 101: An Introduction to Copyright 43:00 DVD
Copyright 101: An Introduction to Copyright 43:00 DVD
Copyright Criminals 53:00 DVD
Corporation (DVD) 145:00 DVD
Cybercrime: Invisible Threat 53:00 DVD
Cyberterrorism 50:00 DVD
Dead Man Walking 122:00 DVD
Death Row Kids 27:00 DVD
Dying to Leave: A Two-Hour Special on Human Trafficking 120:00 DVD
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room 110:00 DVD
Fahrenheit 9/11 (DVD) 122:00 DVD
Fast Food Survival Guide 22:00 DVD
Fast Food Survival Guide 22:00 DVD
Firewall 105:00 DVD
Food, Inc. 94:00 DVD
Forbidden Hollywood DVD
Red-Headed Woman 79:00  
Waterloo Bridge 81:00  
Baby Face Original Theatrical Version 72:00  
Baby Face Restored Prelease Version 76:00  
Fort Apache 128:00 DVD
Frankenstein 70:00 DVD
Freedom Writers 122:00 DVD
Front Page 101:00 DVD
Frontline: The Madoff Affair 60:00 DVD
Gangs of New York 167:00 DVD
Ghost of Frankenstein (See: Frankenstein) 68:00 DVD
Ghosts of Abu Ghraib 78:00 DVD
Green Mile 188:00 DVD
Hackers and Cyberterrorists 48:00 DVD
Hackers: Outlaws and Angels 51:00 DVD
Heart of America 87:00 DVD
Hearts & Minds 112:00 DVD
His Girl Friday 92 minutes VHS & DVD
House of Frankenstein (See: Frankenstein) 71:00 DVD
I Love Luch (Season 2) 5 dvds DVD
Illicit: The Dark Trade 54:00 DVD
Indie Sex 199:00 DVD
Interviewing Victims and Witnesses 58:00 DVD
Investigative Reports: Keeps: A Job Behind Bars (DVD) 50:00 DVD
Is Wal-Mart Good For America? 60:00 DVD
Keeper of the Kohn 65:00 DVD
Life of Brian (Monty Python) 93:00 DVD
Live From Baghdad 108:00 DVD
Looking Glass: Inside TV News 60:00 DVD
Loose Change Final Cut 128:00 DVD
Lords of the Mafia: Britain & Sicily (DVD) 120:00 DVD
Lords of the Mafia: Japan & China (DVD) 120:00 DVD
Lords of the Mafia: Los Angeles & Vietnam (DVD) 120:00 DVD
Lords of the Mafia: Mexico & Columbia (DVD) 120:00 DVD
Lords of the Mafia: New York & New Orleans (DVD) 120:00 DVD
Lords of the Mafia: Russia & Jamaica (DVD) 120:00 DVD
Lords of the Mafia: The Global Menace (DVD) 120:00 DVD
Mary Tyler Moore (Season 1) 612:00 DVD
MASH (Season 8) 638:00 DVD
Mass Media Series 22:00 DVD
Merchants of Cool (Frontline) 60:00 DVD
Modern Marvels: Doomsday Tech 1 50:00 DVD
Modern Marvels: More Doomsday Tech 50:00 DVD
Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers 94:00 DVD
Munich 2 hrs. 45 min. DVD
Murphy Brown (Complete 1st Season) 535:00 DVD
Mystic River 138:00 DVD
Norma Rae 118:00 DVD
NOW with Bill Moyers (Media and Democracy) 50:00 DVD
One Day in September 97:00 DVD
Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch''s War on Journalism (DVD) DVD
Outlaw 117:00 DVD
Outsourced 103:00 DVD
People vs Larry Flint 130:00 DVD
Persuaders 90:00 DVD
Playing Unfair: The Media Image of the Female Athlete 30:00 DVD
Primary (DVD) 53 minutes DVD
Psycho 109:00 DVD
Punishment (DVD) 100:00 DVD
Racial Profiling & Law Enforcement: America in Black & White 44:00 DVD
Radio: Out of Thin Air 50:00 DVD
Rethinking the Death Penalty 22:00 DVD
Serial Killers 390:00 DVD
Shattered Glass (DVD) 94:00 DVD
Son of Frankenstein (See: Frankenstein) 100:00 DVD
Supreme Court DVD
One Nation Under Law 60:00  
A New Kind of Justice 60:00  
A Nation of Liberties 60:00  
The Rehnquist Revolution 60:00  
Taboos - Vol. 1 & 2 (DVD set) 611:00 DVD
Taxi Driver 114:00 DVD
Television: Window to the World 50:00 DVD
Thank You For Smoking 91:00 DVD
That's News to Me 28:00 DVD
The War Room (DVD) 97:00 DVD
This Divided State 88:00 DVD
Torchy Blane (9 Mysteries) DVD
Toxic Sludge is Good for You: The Public Relations Industry Unspun (DVD) 45 minutes DVD
Traffic 147:00 DVD
Warnings from a Small Town 50:00 DVD
What I Want My Words To Do To You (DVD) 80:00 DVD
What is Marketing? The Basics and Beyond 23:00 DVD
When We Were Kings (DVD) 94:00 DVD
Why We Fight (Frank Capra's WWII) DVD
Preluce to War 52:00  
The Nazis Strike 41:00  
Divide & Conquer 56:00  
Battle of Britain 52:00  
Battle of Russia 82:00  
Battle of China 62:00  
War Comes To America 65:00  
The Negro Soldier 40:00  


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