The Mohawk Valley Writing Project

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the National Writing Project?

A: The National Writing Project is a federally funded professional development program for K-college teachers. NWP offers high quality professional development that enables
teachers to improve their classroom practices and to enhance their students’ learning.

Q: How does NWP work?

A: NWP has established a nation-wide network of local sites. Programming provided
through these sites serves a significant number of the nation’s teachers each year.
By combining federal dollars with matching local funds, NWP allows teachers throughout the country to form local networks serving local needs. At the same time, local teachers are connected to educators throughout the country by virtue of their membership in NWP’s state-wide and national networks.

Q: What is the history of NWP?

A. Established in 1974, NWP...
  • is the oldest continuing (and arguably most successful) professional development program for teachers in the country.
  • is among the most cost-effective federally funded professional
    development programs for teachers.
The National Writing Project not only maximizes the impact of funding, it maximizes the sharing of talent and expertise. Teachers share their best practices and writing in an ongoing conversation that cultivates new research-based thinking about writing and writing pedagogy. They participate locally in their Writing Project sites and nationally at NWP sponsored network meetings and conferences.

The National Writing Project has been recognized as a quality cost-effective professional development program for teachers through “No Child Left Behind.” For decades before “No Child Left Behind,” the National Writing Project had been generating high quality professional development programming for teachers.


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Director, MVWP

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