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The Mohawk Valley Writing Project

About MVWP

The National Writing Project is a federally funded professional development program for teachers. The Mohawk Valley Writing Project, an affiliate of NWP, is open to K-12 teachers from all subjects. Under its auspices, teachers gather for a five-week invitational Summer Institute where they share best practices and discuss and develop their writing, teaching, and research interests. The Writing Project seeks to inspire practicing teachers and develop a local network in which their insights, practices, and wisdom can be shared through inservice projects. Writing Project Teacher Consultants become leaders in their regions, helping to build vital and productive literacy communities in their schools. 

Our Work

The work of Writing Project teacher consultants has improved the quality of literacy and literacy instruction in communities across the nation, as shown in satisfaction surveys and test scores. To learn more about the specific outcomes of Writing Project work, go to the National Writing Project website, http://www.nwp.org.

Our People

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Fast Facts

The Mohawk Valley Writing Project:
  • held its first intensive invitational five-week Summer Institute in 2006, engaging local teachers in the three-part Writing Project model for professional development: writing, teaching, research. (The fifth MVWP Summer Institute is scheduled for July 2010.)
  • offers Mohawk Valley teachers an opportunity to practice and develop their writing and teaching in collaboration with other teachers.
  • provides Mohawk Valley teachers with a forum to discuss best practices with other teachers from the region.
  • honors Mohawk Valley teachers by considering local practices, local students, and local concerns in the context of a national network of teachers and researchers.
  • in partnership with Utica College and Utica City Schools, involved over 100 teachers from the Mohawk Valley (K-12) in professional development programming.
  • provided 1,200 hours of professional development programming for local teachers in 2008.
  • in partnership with the Young Scholars/Liberty Partnership program, provided a poetry workshop for 11 Young Scholars (rising 8th graders).
  • maintains a professional conversation among the urban, suburban, and rural school districts in our region.
  • includes 26 Teacher Consultants from Utica City Schools, Frankfort, Whitesboro, Taberg, Poland, Waterville, Mt. Markham, and Adirondack Central.
  • following the teachers-teaching-teachers model, gives Mohawk Valley teachers a chance to design research and professional development projects that respond to their own local concerns and research questions.
  • provides teachers in the Mohawk Valley with a local professional network that is
    connected throughout the country to the National Writing Project.
  • is funded by the National Writing Project, Utica College, and New York state educational initiatives. 

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Director, MVWP

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