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Communication -  Results

Intellectual Skill - The ability to communicate information and attitudes clearly and precisely.

The College has focused on written communication and this is reflected in the results tabled below. Assessment of other forms of communication is in development.

Please note, the 2014 Communication data varies substantially from prior years.  At the request of the Faculty Senate, the AACC instituted a cadre review process to assess communication.  This method differs from the online system in the following ways:
  • The cadre method reviewed a random sample of senior work while the voluntary system includes all grades.
  • The cadre method used a pool of trained raters who spent a substantial amount of time on rubric calibration prior to the rating of sample work.
  • The cadre method captured 60 usable data points while the voluntary system captures approximately 600 in any given fall semester.
Neither method is "wrong".  Departments are encouraged to continue to use the online system to obtain data for their program.

The cadre data has been shared and discussed with faculty at the school level and with other relevant groups.  The AACC will continue to work with faculty to refine the sampling process and method.


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