Five Year Program Review
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Five-Year Academic Program Reviews

Details of the five-year program review process and its required documentation are located within the Information for Faculty section of the UC web page.  This page is a password-protected page with information, forms, and links for academic department chairs, including curriculum committee forms, and program review and annual update forms.  It can be found here:


The five-year program review process includes use of direct and indirect measures.  These include, but are not limited to, program-level student learning goal results, program-level operation goal results, external accreditation review, student surveys, and institutional research data about graduation rates, retention rates, and enrollment.


Five-year program reviews will be due in the fall of the academic year five years from the academic year in which the committee completed its deliberation of the prior review. Please see Appendix C for the schedule.

Collecting the data and sharing the results

AACC is responsible for facilitating the five-year program review process.  Faculty of the academic programs have the responsibility to gather and report the findings in the five-year program review document for submission to AACC.  A full description of this step-by-step process is included in the AACC Policies and Procedures Handbook.

Closing the Loop

Following the program review process, each academic program is invited to meet with the Provost for a close-the-loop discussion about the program review findings.  If necessary, action plans are identified at this time.

Linked to Budget

The school dean uses program review findings to support budget requests from the program level. The college budget committee is responsible for documenting the use of assessment results linked to budget decisions and resource allocations.

Sustaining the Process

A detailed description of how the five-year program review process is sustained can be found in the AACC Policies and Procedures Handbook.


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