Academics at Utica College

Course-Level Assessment

The assessment of the operational goals at the course level takes place at various stages and is used to address the maintenance of courses within an academic program.  These include developing new courses, deletion of a course, changes to a course, and course mapping to program goals.


Various measures are used for course-level operational assessment.  The majority of these assessments occur at key points as a course evolves.  A standard course syllabi template is required for all new courses.  Protocols, processes, and forms are used by the Curriculum Committee as outlined in UC’s Curriculum Committee Source Book, beginning on page seven and found here:

Course mapping or curriculum mapping to program goals is completed and assessed primarily when the academic program is completing the program review process.


Course development, deletion, and revisions are completed on a rolling basis throughout the academic year.  Course mapping or curriculum mapping is aligned with the program’s review cycle.

Collecting the data and sharing the results

The Curriculum Committee maintains all records pertaining to course additions, edits, and deletions.  The Curriculum Committee informs the campus via Faculty Senate meetings and shared committee minutes.  The Office of Academic Assessment archives all courses mapped to programs.  These are available for use in program reviews or for support of curriculum revision proposals.

 Closing the Loop

Periodically, the Curriculum Committee reviews and revises the procedures related to course development and the syllabus template.  All changes and updates are shared with the college and posted to the Curriculum Committee web page.

 Linked to Budget

The school deans will review course needs to support documented budget requests.

 Sustaining the Process

This process is sustained as part of the Curriculum Committee’s charge and as part of the Academic Assessment charge identified in the AACC Policies and Procedures Handbook. Any recommendations for amendments to the process are identified by the Curriculum Committee or Office of Academic Assessment and AACC.




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