John Johnsen
Acting Provost

(315) 792-3122


  1. Graduates will compete successfully for entrance into professional and graduate school programs and for positions in the job marketplace.
  2. Graduates with perform successfully in graduate training or chosen careers.  
  3. Graduates will understand general principles of biology, including:
    1. Critical thinking and the process of scientific inquiry;
    2. Mechanisms of evolutionary change in populations;
    3. Biological structure and processes at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ system, organism, population, community, and ecosystem levels;
    4. Statistical analyses and graphical presentation of data; and
    5. Nature and importance of biodiversity.
  4. Graduates will be proficient in research and technical skills including experimental design, microscopy, molecular techniques, basic biochemical analyses, dissection, and computer use.
  5. Graduates will have skills in oral and written scientific presentation and the critical analysis and use of the biological primary literature.
  6. Graduates will integrate skills that collectively promote scholarship, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning.