Learn About The World From The People Who Live There 

Learn About The World From The People
Who Live There.

Learning about the world is one thing; experiencing it is another. UC gives you the opportunity to do both.

Our programs offer internships and other real-world opportunities that put you where you can learn career skills from experienced professionals who use them every day.

Through our Office of International Education, you can follow your academic interests to destinations on five continents and also take advantage of exchange programs with colleges and universities in the United Kingdom, Finland, Peru, Japan, and elsewhere.

Study abroad options - click hereBut this isn’t just about spending a semester in an office or on an overseas campus. It’s also about following your passion. And the real learning happens outside the classroom, whether you’re discovering ancient lives at an archaeological site, tracking cybercriminals at a police forensics facility, or lending a caring hand at an Albanian health clinic.

Perhaps the most surprising thing you’ll learn is that you can go to college and make a difference at the same time. 
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