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Class of 2014 outcomes

Enrollment Type:


4-year college
2-year college18%
Spring enrolled.0%

Total Outcomes as of September 2012

Overall, Young Scholars LPP students have a 93 percent graduation rate from high school.  Of the 14 cohorts of graduates, 87 percent earned a New York State Advanced Regents or Regents Diploma.  Since 2005, 97 percent of Young Scholars LPP graduates have enrolled in institutions of higher learning.

14-Year Summary of Post-High School Graduation Outcomes

537 High School Seniors, Class of 1999-Class of 2012


Enrollment Type:


4-year college52.%
2-year college30.%

Young Scholars efforts have had encouraging results with a 93 percent graduation rate from the last fourteen years of graduating classes. Since 2005, 97 percent of the YSLPP high school graduates have enrolled in institutions of higher learning. Eighty-six percent of Young Scholars received Regents or Advanced Regents Diplomas as opposed to Proctor High School's 59 percent.

YSLPP Demographics

Young Scholars DC Trip 2010
Young Scholars
surrounding a statue
of Albert Einstein in D.C

  The demographics of the YSLPP are reflective of Utica itself. Students in grades 7 and 8 attend either James H. Donovan Middle School or John F. Kennedy Middle School, while students in grades 9-12 attend T.R. Proctor High School. The ethnicity of the 349 YSLPP students includes African-American, Hispanic/Latin, Asian, Native American, White/Non-Hispanic, including recent immigrants from Bosnia, Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Myanmar and the Sudan.

Teaching about diversity is easy since the YSLPP lives it everyday.
  • 54 percent of Young Scholars are female
  • 46 percent of Young Scholars are male
  • 87 percent of Young Scholars are from minority or refugee populations