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Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program

About Us

Mission Statement

The Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program is a multi-year program designed to motivate young students to stay in school, earn a New York State Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation, and pursue post-secondary education

Vision Statement

The anticipated goals will be to graduate 100 percent of each cohort with no drop-outs; increase the number of students scoring 85 percent or more on Regents exams; have 50 percent of YSLPP students earning Advanced Regents Diplomas; and continue to place 80 percent or more of the students in college and keep them there.


Students in the Young Scholars LPP participate in a comprehensive program providing academic, social and cultural enrichment. It is the intent of the Young Scholars LPP to help students achieve academic success by maintaining an A or B average, earning a New York State Regents Diploma with the Advanced Designation and enrolling in post-secondary education. The Young Scholars LPP also seeks to develop students' personal characteristics, making strong individuals who are invested in their community. 


Young Scholars DC Trip 2010 
Young Scholars during DC Trip
The Young Scholars Program was initiated in Utica, New York, by representatives from the Utica City School District and Utica College.  Their goal was to address the problem that few, if any, minority students were graduating from T.R. Proctor High School in the early 1990s. This collaboration led to the creation of the Young Scholars Program.

After two years of developing and fine-tuning, the first cohort of Young Scholars students was selected. In the summer of 1993, these students attended enrichment classes at Utica College. During the 1994-95 school year, Young Scholars became part of the New York State supported Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP). [Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program is also referred to as YSLPP]

Still, T. R. Proctor High School was failing its students on all fronts: a high drop-out rate, a poor graduation rate, and a dismal attendance rate. The fact that the State Education Department (SED) placed Proctor on the Schools Under Registration Review (SURR) added to the seriousness of the problem. As the district worked to improve, the SED recognized YSLPP as a positive contribution to the school's removal from the SURR list.


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YSLPP Executive Director
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