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PRL 182 – Introduction to Public Relations
The concept, role and practice of public
relations in American society. Public
relations as a process: research; public
opinion; programming; communication;
evaluation; ethical considerations.

PRL 285 – Introduction to Sports and The Media
Relationship between sports and media
from historical, cultural, and business
perspectives. Topics include the
presentation of sports, race relations,
gender issues, violence and aggression,
free agency, drug use and the economic
impact of sports. Prerequisite ENG 102,
or permission of instructor.

PRL 300 – Topics in Sports Communication
Concentrated areas of study designed to
enhance the knowledge of sports, sports
communication and public relations, and
the role of sports in society. Prerequisite
PRL 182, PRL 285 or permission of

PRL 372 – Publicity and Public Relations Writing
Write news releases and publicity tools,
newsletter article online copy, proposals,
and other public relations material.
Discussion of the public relations writing
process, media relation, and publicity
planning and techniques. Prerequisites:
Public Relation 182 and Journalism
Studies 261.

PRL 375 – Public Relations Research and Planning
Conduct public opinion research and
do strategic planning for regional organizations.
Discussion of public relationresearch principles
and techniques, goal setting, strategy development,
budgeting, and printing/production processes.
Prerequisites: Public Relations 182 and
Public Relations 372 or permission of instructor.

PRL 385 – Public Relations Campaigns
Planning and implementing a public
relations campaign, program, or special

PRL 390 – Independent study

PRL 395 – Sports Information and Public Relations
Public Relations principles, practices,
and skills as applied in a sports information
setting. Emphasis on writing,
media relations, and crisis management.
Prerequisites PRL 182, 285 and 372 or
permission of instructor.

PRL 396 – Sports Marketing Communications and Promotion
Marketing and promotional concepts
applied within a sports public relations
context. Topics include developing marketing
strategies, implementing marketing
plans, licensing, advertising, promotions
and sales. Prerequisites: PRL 182,
PRL 285 and PRL 372 or permission of

PRL 397 – Sports Event Planning and Management
Planning, designing, operating, marketing,
publicizing, promoting, and implementing
sporting events. Prerequisites:
PRL 182, PRL 285 and PRL 372 or permission
of instructor.

PRL 400 – Topics in Public Relations
Concentrated areas of study designed to
enhance practical knowledge of the public
relations profession. Addresses timely
issues important to the PR field. May
be repeated provided topics are not the
same . Prerequisites: Public Relations 372,
375 or permission of instructor.

PRL 422 – Bateman Competition I
The Bateman Competition Course is
based on a national case study competition
through the Public Relations
Student Society of America. Groups of 4
to 5 students will exercise the analytical
and strategic skills required for public
relations problem-solving. Prerequisite:
Permission of instructor.

PRL 423 – Bateman Competition II
The Bateman Competition Course is
based on a national case study competition
through the Public Relations
Student Society of America. Groups of 4
to 5 students will implement a campaign
plan in the community (based on the
Bateman I course) and perform a campaign
evaluation. The results of this campaign
will be packaged into a portfolio
for national judging. Prerequisites: PRL
422X or permission of instructor.

PRL 433 – The Olympics
Historical and contemporary view of the
Olympics as a sociological, marketing,
and business phenomenon . Emphasis on
marketing communication and public
relations strategies used to promote the
Olympics and athletes. Prerequisites:
PRL 285, or permission of instructor.

PRL 435 – Sports and Television
Complex symbiotic relationship between
sports and television producers and
programmers, including network, cable,
regional sports networks, and pay-perview
suppliers. Impact of televised sports
on society. Prerequisites: PRL 285 and
JLM 181, or permission of instructor.

PRL 450 – Fieldwork in Public Relations
Work in a public relations capacity with
organizations in the Mohawk Valley
to carry out a variety of public relations
tasks and assignments. Regular
submission of written reports meetings
with instructor. May be repeated for a
total of six credits. Prerequisites: Public
Relations 182, 372, 375, and Journalism
Studies 261, 365 with a grade of C or
better. Permission of instructor required.

PRL 454 – The Business of Sports
Problems facing sports business leaders
from a public relations viewpoint,
including ownership structure and franchises,
economics and finance, stadium
management and funding, broadcast
rights, licensing, and labor relations.
Prerequisites: PRL 182, PRL 285 and 372
or permission of instructor.

PRL 456 – Athlete Management and Representation
Issues facing sports agents, including client
acquisition and retention, contract
negotiations, endorsement deals, the
regulation of sports agents, and business
ethics. Prerequisites: PRL 182, PRL 285
and 372 or permission of instructor.

PRL 458 – Sports Law
Legal issues in sports settings, including
torts, contracts, antitrust, labor law,
intellectual property, Title IX, athleteagent
relationships and liability.
Prerequisites: PRL 182, PRL 285 and 372
or permission of instructor.

PRL 470 – Internship
Serve as an intern with cooperating
organizations for at least six weeks on a
full-time basis outside the academic year.
Permission of instructor and division
dean required. Detailed report including
portfolio of work plus evaluation statement
required upon completion. Pass/
fail grading. Prerequisites: Journalism
Studies 261, Public Relations 182, 372.
Minimum grade of C in each. Course
may be repeated once for credit.

PRL 482 – Cases and Problems in Public Relations
Critical evaluation of public relations
through analysis and discussion of cases
and situation drawn from actual practice.
Prerequisite: Public Relations 182 or

PRL 490 – Independent Study
Individually supervised research and
study . Provides opportunity for students
to engage in original research or to
pursue scholarly investigations beyond
the boundaries of established courses.
Arranged by agreement between the
student and the instructor, subject to
approval of school dean. May be repeated
once for credit, though with a different
topic. Prerequisites: junior standing.

Note: The figure in parentheses following the title of the course indicates the credit hours per term. Courses that extend through two terms are shown as follows: (3, 3). Courses that are one term only are shown by: (3). Courses with variable credit are shown with the range of credit available, for example: (1-6).


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