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Established during the spring semester of 2000, the Center for Historical Research, sponsored by Utica College's history department, provides resources and assistance to students, faculty, and members of the community, who are working on local and global history projects. The objectives of the center are to:
  • Support students who are working on "The History Project," an annual collaborative research project undertaken by graduating Utica College history majors.
  • Publish the annual proceedings of "The History Project."
  • Assist students and faculty conducting local and global historical research.
  • Foster ties between Utica College and its surrounding communities.
  • Compile and preserve historical resources.
  • Collaborate with the Ethnic Heritage Studies Center at Utica College.
  • Promote scholarly excellence through the Utica College chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta National Honor Society.
The Center for Historical Research frequently sponsors events in conjunction with the Department of History.  A full list of previous speakers can be found below:

Lectures Sponsored by the Center for Historical Research:

Mary McCune, Ph.D. (SUNY Oswego), "Intimate Quarters: Gender and the History of Racial Segregation in the North”

Jeffrey Gonda, Ph.D. (Syracuse University), "Witnessing Whiteness: Racial Identity and Housing in the Post-World War II Courtroom."

Craig Nelson, Ph.D. (The Ohio State University), “Selling the Future: Atoms for Peace and the Japanese Media."

Thomas Gulier, MA, Ph.D. Candidate  (Syracuse University), “Community and Craftsmanship: The Arts and Crafts Utopia in America, 1895-1915.”

Christopher Hill, Ph.D. (The Alexander Hamilton Institue), “Witches, Ghouls, and the Dying Year: The Roots of Halloween.”

Leigh Ann Wheeler, Ph.D.  (University at Binghamton), "Sexual Civil Liberties and the Rise of Gay Rights: An Untold Story of Stealth and Wealth."

Susan Goodier, Ph.D. (SUNY Polytechnic) “African American Women Working for the Right to Vote in New York State.”

Jeffrey DuBois, PhD (University at Albany), "Japan's Manga Emperor: Debating the Role of the Postwar Emperor Through Graphic Novels."

Christopher Fobare, MA, Ph.D. Candidate (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) "A Failed Equality: Central New York and the Politics of Free Labor, 1830-1877."

Robert Clines, MA, Ph.D. Candidate (Syracuse University), “The Society of Jesus Between Rome and the Christian Orient."

Peter De Simone, Ph.D. (Utica College) “Old Ways in Modern Russia:  Defining the Russian Orthodox Old Rite on the Eve of Revolutionary Russia” 

Clare Fitzgerald, Ph.D. (Emory), “The Evil Stepmother on the Throne: The Reign of Hatshepsut and Its Historiography”

Tristan Tomilson, MA, PhD. Candidate (SUNY Stonybrook), “’Harsh, Yet Innocent Remedies’: Persuasion, Violence, and Managing Populations in the British Atlantic during the Long Eighteenth Century.”

Lisa Trivedi, Ph.D. (Hamilton College), “Seeing Women's Labor: Social Reform and Photography in India, 1937” 

Molly Jessup, MA, Ph.D. Candidate (Syracuse University) “Creating the American Teenager: Life Adjustment Education and Youth in the 1950s.” 

Geoffrey Storm, “Now and for the Future: One Man's Life in the CCC”

David Wittner Ph.D. (Utica College) "What’s in a Label? Images of Self and Nationalism in Prewar Japan"

Peter DeSimone, Ph.D. (Utica College) "Architecture and Identity: Community Boundaries of the Moscow Old Believers" 

Sherri Cash, Ph.D. (Utica College) "A. Mann: African Americans and the Erie County Almshouse between Emancipation and Emancipation”

Christopher Fobare, MA, Ph.D. Candidate (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) "Reconstruction and the Reformation of National Partisan Politics, 1865-1872"