The Battle of Gettysburg Sesquicentennial Trip

April 26-April 28, 2013

Gettysburg Museums

Civil War Wax Museum
The American Civil War Wax Museum 

The Gettysburg Diorama
From Left to Right:  Dr. Sherri Cash,  Dr. Peter DeSimone, Nicole Brockway, Domenic Hall, Tabitha Cieniewicz
Tim VanKouwenberg, John Verra, Alaina LaMarco

Diorama 2
The Gettysburg Diorama

Diorama 3
The Gettysburg Diorama

Lincoln Diorama
Lincoln Bust at the Gettysburg Diorama

The Battlefield

Gettysburg Battlefield 1
Herodotus Members and UC History Professors View the Oneida Cavalry Monument

Gettysburg Battlefield 2
The Gettysburg Battlefield: Union Lines

Pennsylvania Monument Top
The Gettysburg Battlefield from the Pennsylvania Memorial

Pickett's Charge
Union Military Lines: Looking Towards Pickett's Charge
From Left to Right:  John Verra, Dr. David Wittner,  Hunter Wittner, Tim VanKouwenberg, Tabitha Cieniewicz,
Hsin Hsin Wittner, Alaina LaMarco, Nicole Brockway Dr. Peter DeSimone, Dr. Sherri Cash, Domenic Hall

Gettysburg Battlefield Monuments

136th Monument
136th New York Infantry Monument
Hunter Wittner Pictured

Oneida Cavalry
The Oneida New York Cavalry Monument
From Left to Right: Dr. Sherri Cash, Domenic Hall, Dr. David Wittner, Hsin Hsin Wittner, Hunter Wittner
Nicole Brockway, Alaina LaMarco, Tabitha Cieniewicz, Dr. Peter DeSimone, John Verra, Tim VanKouwenberg

Pennsylvania Monument Top
Dr. Sherri Cash at the Pennsylvania Memorial

Pennsylvania Monument 2
Herodotus Members at the Pennsylvania Memorial
From Left to Right: Domenic Hall, Tim VanKouwenberg, Nicole Brockway, Tabitha Cieniewicz, Alaina LaMarco, John Verra

Pennsylvania Monument 3
Professor Chris Fobare at the Pennsylvania Memorial

New York Monument 3
John Verra, Nicole Brockway, and Tim VanKouwenberg at the New York Memorial

New York Monument 2
General Daniel Butterfield's Inscription on the New York Memorial

Little Round Top

Little Round Top 1
John Verra and Nicole Brockway Observe the Gettysburg Battlefield from Little Round Top

146th New York
The 146th New Your Infantry (5th Oneida) Monument
From Left to Right: Dr. David Wittner, Alaina LaMarco, Tabitha Cieniewicz, Nicole Brockway, John Verra
Dr. Peter DeSimone, Dr. Sherri Cash, Domenic Hall

Devils Den
Observing Devil's Den from Little Round Top

The Gettysburg National Cemetery

National Cemetery
Memorial Commemorating the Gettysburg Address

National Cemetery 2
Battle of Gettysburg Monument at the National Cemetery 



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