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Trading Room at Utica CollegeUtica College offers an innovative, fully integrated suite of business and economics programs designed to prepare students for successful careers in some of the world’s most dynamic professions. Students who choose to major in any of these programs benefit from a range of exceptional resources, including:
  • Business and economics faculty with deep knowledge and extensive professional experience in their disciplines;
  • A state-of-the-art trading room featuring workstations equipped with professional-grade transactional software
  • Opportunities to manage actual investments and real-world trading situations
  • Small class sizes and a uniquely personal approach to teaching and learning
Just as importantly, all the functional areas of business – such as marketing, management, and finance – are fully integrated to prepare you for the challenges and dynamic enterprises of the twenty-first century. Leadership, ethics, technological change, and a global perspective are woven into the entire curriculum, as are the research skills needed to solve complex problems.

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