Judith A. Kirkpatrick

(315) 792-3122

Academic Organization

Office of The Provost

Room 201, DePerno Hall

Judith A. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
(315) 792-3122

Robert M. Halliday, DPhil
Associate Provost
Dean for Graduate Studies
Professor of Philosophy
(315) 792-3122

Polly J. Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for Online Learning
Associate Professor of Sociology
(315) 792-3124

Student Affairs

Stephen M. Pattarini, M.S.
Vice President for Student Affairs
(315) 223-2555


David S. Fontaine
Athletic Director
(315) 792-3051  


School of Arts and Sciences

John H. Johnsen, Ph.D., Dean
Professor of Anthropology
(315) 792-3057  

School of Health Professions and Education
Harry F. Slife, Jr., PhD, Dean
(315) 792-3075

School of Business and Justice Studies

James L. Norrie, DPM, LL.M., Dean
(315) 792-3055 

Frank E. Gannett Library and Learning Commons

Beverly Marcoline M.L.S.
Assistant Vice President for the Library and Learning Commons
(315) 792-3835

Office of the Registrar

Craig Dewan M.S.
College Registrar
(315) 792-3393

Office of International Education

Dorothy (Dottie) Milligan Lewis, Ed.D.
Interim Dean of International Education
(315) 792-3082

Student Success

Rich Racioppa
Director For Student Success
(315) 223-2555